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Nestor, G.

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Nestor, Garry;   Nestor, Gary


Ali Adib, Z.;   Ali-Adib, Z.;   Araki, K.;   Attard, G.S.;   Clark, M.G.;   Gasgous, B.;   Gray, George W.;   Haws, C.M.;   Hawthorne, W.D.;   Hill, J.S.;   Kozak, A.;   Lacey, D.;   Lacey, David;   Lee, M.S.K.;   Mano, Joao F.;   McArdle, C.B.;   Moura Ramos, Joaquim J.;   Parker, A.;   Richardson, M.J.;   Sutherland, H.H.;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   White, M.S.;   Williams, G.;   Wiltshire, M.C.K.

Publication Titles

1986: Preparation of liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes with terminal cyano groups in the side chains
1987: Laser addressed thermooptic effect in a novel dyed liquid-crystalline polysiloxane
1988: A structural investigation of some terminally cyano-substituted side chain liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes
1988: An x-ray diffraction study of liquid crystal polysiloxane copolymers
1988: Molecular dynamics of a siloxane liquid-crystalline polymer as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1988: Ph. D. Thesis Hull
1989: Aspects of side-chain liquid-crystal polymers, especially polysiloxanes, in relation to their potential for speciality applications
1989: Side chain liquid crystal polysiloxanes and their low Tg copolymer analogs
1990: Liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes with fluoro-substituted side chains
1994: Structural recovery in isotropic and smectic glasses
1996: Dipolar relaxations in the glass transition region and in the liquid crystalline phase of two side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes


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