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Nelson, Jenny

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Nelson, J.


Andrienko, Denis;   Bradley, Donal D.C.;   Chatten, Amanda J.;   Etchegoin, Pablo G.;   George, Wayne N.;   Kirkpatrick, James;   Kremer, Kurt;   Maher, Robert C.;   Marcon, Valentina;   Massiot, Philippe;   Nielsen, Christian B.;   Sims, Marc;   Steinke, Joachim H.G.;   Tuladhar, Sachetan M.

Publication Titles

2007: Charge Mobility of Discotic Mesophases: A Multiscale Quantum and Classical Study
2008: Columnar mesophases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives. II. Charge carrier mobility
2009: Influence of alkyl chain length on charge transport in symmetrically substituted poly(2,5-dialkoxy- p -phenylenevinylene) polymers

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