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Nelson, David R.

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Nelson, D.R.


Balents, Leon;   Bowick, Mark;   Bruinsma, Robijn;   Chou, T.;   Deem, Michael W.;   Franosch, T.;   Frey, Erwin;   Halperin, B.I.;   Halperin, Bertrand I.;   Halsey, Thomas C.;   Jain, Shilpa;   Kamien, Randall D.;   Le Doussal, Pierre;   Lenz, Peter;   Lidmar, Jack;   Mirny, Leonid;   Pelcovits, Robert A.;   Radzihovsky, Leo;   Rubinstein, Michael;   Santangelo, Christian D.;   Selinger, Jonathan V.;   Seung, H.S.;   Toner, John;   Travesset, Alex;   Vitelli, Vincenzo;   Zippelius, Annette

Publication Titles

1977: Momentum-shell recursion relations, anisotropic spins, and liquid crystals in 2+e dimensions
1978: Study of melting in two dimensions
1978: Theory of Two-Dimensional Melting
1979: Dislocation-mediated melting in two dimensions
1980: Dynamics of two-dimensional melting
1980: Solid and fluid phases in smectic layers with tilted molecules
1980: Two dimensional superfluidity and melting
1981: Bond orientational order in smectic liquid crystals
1981: Bond-orientational order, dislocation loops, and melting of solids and smectic-A liquid crystals
1981: Smectic, cholesteric, and Rayleigh-Benard order in two dimensions
1982: Nematic-to-smectic-A transitions with planar director fluctuations
1982: Order and deterministic chaos in hard-disk arrays
1985: Pentagonal and Icosahedral Order in Rapidly Cooled Metals
1988: Defects in flexible membranes with crystalline order
1988: Density-functional theory of nematic and smectic-A order near surfaces
1988: Theory of Hexatic-to-Hexatic Transitions
1989: Theory of transitions among tilted hexatic phases in liquid crystals
1992: Theory of directed polymers
1993: Buckling instabilities of a confined colloid crystal layer
1993: Rotational invariance and the theory of directed nematic polymers
1994: Fluctuations and intrinsic pinning in layered superconductors
1994: Pinning, fluctuations, and melting of superconducting vortex arrays
1995: Iterated Moiré Maps and Braiding of Chiral Polymer Crystals
1995: Quantum smectic and supersolid order in helium films and vortex arrays
1995: Statistical mechanics of directed polymers
1995: Vortex lattice melts like ice
1996: Defects in chiral columnar phases: Tilt-grain boundaries and iterated moire maps
1996: Free energies of isolated five- and sevenfold disclinations in hexatic membranes
1999: Light-Induced Melting of Colloidal Crystals in Two Dimensions
2000: Channel flow of smectic films
2000: Statistical mechanics of vacancy and interstitial strings in hexagonal columnar crystals
2001: Hexatic Order and Surface Ripples in Spherical Geometries
2002: Toward a Tetravalent Chemistry of Colloids
2003: Hexatic undulations in curved geometries
2003: Virus shapes and buckling transitions in spherical shells
2004: Curvature-induced defect unbinding in toroidal geometries
2004: Defect generation and deconfinement on corrugated topographies
2007: Geometric Theory of Columnar Phases on Curved Substrates


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