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Navard, Patrick

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Navard, P.


Astruc, Marianne;   Baleo, Jean-Noel;   Biganska, Olga;   Budtova, Tatiana;   Cascaval, Constantin N.;   Cidade, Maria Teresa;   Cox, Robert;   De'Neve, Thierry;   Dupuy, Jérôme;   Ernst, Benoit;   Hamaide, Thierry;   Harrison, Philip;   Hashimoto, Takeji;   Haudin, Jean Marc;   Kleman, Maurice;   Logan, John A.;   Löffler, Rolf;   Mititelu, Alice;   Noel, Claudine;   Novat, Christian;   Peuvrel, Edith;   Peuvrel-Disdier, Edith;   Riti, Jean Bernard;   Riti, Jean-Bernard;   Simionescu, Bogdan Cristofor;   Stein, Richard S.;   Takebe, Tomoaki;   Tsakalos, Vassilios T.;   Zachariades, Anagnostis E.

Publication Titles

1980: Rheology of mesomorphic solutions of cellulose
1984: Deformation studies of liquid-crystalline polymers
1984: Study of the smectic A-nematic transition in octyl- and nonylcyanobiphenyl
1985: Thermal behavior of mesomorphic cellulose derivatives
1990: Flow of a liquid-crystalline polymer solution around an obstacle
1990: Small-angle light scattering of polymer liquid crystals under shear flow
1991: Band textures of liquid crystalline polymers in elongational flows
1991: Liquid crystal polymers
1992: DSC and x-ray studies of a thermotropic four-monomer copolyester
1992: Rheo-Optical Studies of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
1993: Study of the worm texture in a nematic polymer
1994: Rheo-optics of liquid-crystalline polymers in complex geometries
1995: Polyelectrolyte hydrogel swelling in a concentrated polymer solution
1995: Small-angle scattering of polarized light. V: Liquid crystalline droplets in an isotropic polymer
1997: Viscosity of a liquid crystalline polymer solution with a polydomain or a band texture
1998: Textures during recoil of anisotropic hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions
1999: Investigation of the band texture occurring in acetoxypropyl cellulose thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer using rheo-optical, rheological, and light scattering techniques
1999: Investigation of the band texture occurring in hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions using rheo-optical, rheological, and small angle light scattering techniques
2000: A flow-induced phase inversion in immiscible polymer blends containing a liquid-crystalline polymer studied by in situ optical microscopy
2000: Curing kinetics of liquid-crystalline epoxy resins with inverse reactivity ratios


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