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Narayanan, Theyencheri

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Narayanan, T.


Belloni, Luc;   Berghausen, Jörg;   Brotons, Guillaume;   Di Gregorio, Giordano M.;   Diat, Olivier;   Dubois, Monique;   Ferrero, Claudio;   Finet, Stephanie;   Grillo, Isabelle;   Mariani, Paolo;   Olsson, Ulf;   Pisani, Michela;   Richtering, Walter;   Saveyn, Pieter;   Zackrisson, Malin;   Zemb, Thomas;   Zipfel, Johannes;   van der Meeren, Paul

Publication Titles

2000: Lamellar phases under shear: variation of the layer orientation across the couette gap.
2003: Compressing inverse lyotropic systems: Structural behavior and energetics of dioleoyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine
2005: The role of counterions on the elasticity of highly charged lamellar phases: A small-angle x-ray and neutron-scattering determination
2009: Subgel transition in diluted vesicular DODAB dispersions

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