Index Name

Nam, S.-H.

Alternative Writings

Nam, S.H.

Similar Names

Nam, Sang-Hee;   Nam, Seok-Hyun;   Nam, Sho-Hak;   Nam, Sung-Hyun


Han, J.-I.;   Hwang, J.-Y.;   Jeon, Y.-J.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Lee, J.-U.;   Lee, S.-K.;   Park, J.-B.;   Seo, D.-S.

Publication Titles

2002: Dielectric Anisotropy Effects on Pretilt Angle Generation for Nematic Liquic Crystals on a Polymer Layer
2002: EO Performance of the Photoaligned VA-1/4 p Cell on a Homeotropic Photopolymer Surface
2002: Wide Viewing Angle Characteristics of a New Multi-domain VA Cell on a Homeotropic Photopolymer Layer
2004: Control of High Pretilt Angle for Nematic Liquid Crystal on Homeotropic Alignment Layer by In-situ Photoalignment Method

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