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Nakayama, K.

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Nakayama, Katsufumi;   Nakayama, Kazuhiro;   Nakayama, Kazunada;   Nakayama, Kazuo;   Nakayama, Kazuro;   Nakayama, Keizo;   Nakayama, Kenichi;   Nakayama, Kiyoshi;   Nakayama, Kohichi;   Nakayama, Koji


Baranovich, M.Yu.;   Fujisawa, T.;   Guillon, D.;   Hatakeyama, T.;   Heinrich, B.;   Hu, X.;   Ioshino, K.;   Kaito, A.;   Kimoto, T.;   Kitano, T.;   Kuriyama, T.;   Kyotani, M.;   Lam, Y.C.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Maeda, Y.;   Malthête, J.;   Matsui, T.;   Michailov, A.S.;   Monobe, H.;   Moriya, K.;   Ohtsubo, J.;   Oikawa, K.;   Okazaki, S.;   Osawa, M.;   Ozaki, M.;   Palto, S.P.;   Qi, K.;   Sakai, H.;   Shimizu, Y.;   Shimoda, Y.;   Shoji, T.;   Sugihara, M.;   Takehara, S.;   Tam, K.C.;   Tan, L.P.;   Tsuchiya, K.;   Yablonskii, S.V.;   Yano, S.;   Yokoyama, M.;   Yoshino, K.;   Yue, C.Y.

Publication Titles

1989: 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
1990: Effects of annealing on the structure formation in a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester
1991: Orientation profiles in the strand of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer studied by polarized Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy
1992: Surface orientation in the sheet of a liquid-crystalline poly(ester amide) characterized by reflection infrared spectroscopy
1994: Structural and thermal behavior of polypropylene/polyamide blend under high pressure
1995: Effects of draw-down ratio and annealing treatment on structure formation in extruded strands of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester
1995: Effects of shear rate on the molecular orientation in extruded rods of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
1997: 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
1997: Smectic layer rotation by dc field in ferroelectric liquid crystal
1998: Homogeneous rotation of smectic layers of a ferroelectric liquid crystal under the effect of an asymmetric electric field
1999: Control of the bias tilt angles in nematic liquid crystals
1999: Mechanical and viscoelastic properties of extruded sheets from blends containing liquid crystalline copolyesters and polycarbonate
2001: Fabrication of Optically Designed Multidomain Layer Structure using Azo-Dye-Doped Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Having N*-C* Phase Sequence
2001: Temperature Tuning of Optical Stop Band of Liquid-Crystal Infiltrated Synthetic Opal
2002: Designing of Smectic Layer Alignment by Optical Patterning Using Smectic Layer Rotation
2003: Relaxation of liquid-crystalline polymer fibers in polycarbonate-liquid-crystalline polymer blend system
2004: Designing of Smectic Layer Alignment by Optical Patterning using Smectic Layer Rotation
2007: Mesophase semiconductors and the field effect transistors


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