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Nair, Geetha G.

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Nair, G.G.;   Nair, Geetha Gopinathan


Abeygunaratne, Sugat;   Bahr, Christian;   Bailey, Christopher A.;   Bault, Philippe;   Blunk, Dirk;   Bóta, Attila;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Chandrasekhar, Sivaramakrishna;   Chien, L.-C.;   Chien, Liang-Chy;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Goodby, J.W.;   Hegde, Gurumurthy;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hiremath, Uma S.;   Janossy, Istvan;   Jayalakshmi, V.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kant, Rajni;   Kasthuraiah, N.;   Kosa, Tamas;   Krishna Prasad, S.;   Krishnaprasad, S.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Kumar, S.;   Lee, C.-K.;   Lobo, Chetan V.;   Lobo, Chethan V.;   Manickam, M.;   Nagabhushan, C.;   Nagamani, S. Anita;   Nagamani, S. Anitha;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Prasad, S. Krishna;   Prasad, Subbarao Krishna;   Raina, Kuldeep K.;   Raja, V.N.;   Rao, D.S. Shankar;   Rao, Doddamane S. Shankar;   Ratna, B.R.;   Rauch, Sebastian;   Sadashiva, B.K.;   Sampath, S.;   Sandhya, K.L.;   Sawade, Hans;   Shankar Rao, D.S.;   Shanker, G.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shashikala, I.;   Shashikala, Indudhara Swamy;   Singer, D.;   Sun, R.P.;   Tamilenthi, V. Padmini;   Taushanoff, Stefanie;   Vajda, Aniko;   Varga, Zoltán;   Yelamaggad, C.V.;   Yelamaggad, Channabasaveshwar V.

Publication Titles

1988: Dielectric studies of the hexatic B-smectic A and crystal B-smectic A transitions
1988: Mean-field to tricritical crossover behavior near the smectic-A-smectic-C* tricritical point
1992: Phase Diagram Involving the Twist Grain Boundary Phase in the Vicinity of a Virtual Cholesteric - Smectic A - Smectic C* Point
1995: Measurements of Pitch of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal at High Pressures
1995: Observation of a smectic C*-smectic I* critical point in a binary system using polarization measurements
1995: Pressure induced twist grain boundary phase
1996: Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystalline phases in some pyridine carboxylic acid derivatives
1996: Influence of bond orientational order on the switching time of ferroelectric smectics
1996: Schlieren textures in biaxial nematic liquid crystals
1998: A thermotropic biaxial nematic liquid crystal
1998: Dielectric investigations of the dynamics of the hexatic-hexatic transition in a chiral liquid crystal
1998: Dielectric studies on strongly polar discotic liquid crystals
1998: Schlieren textures in free-standing nematic films: evidence of biaxiality
1999: Optical control of the alignment of a liquid crystal in the smectic A phase
2000: Optodielectric effect on a nematic liquid crystal doped with a photoactive azo mesogen
2001: Cholesterol-based dimeric liquid crystals: synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour
2001: Effect of light on the polarization of a banana-shaped achiral compound doped with a photoactive azobenzene material
2001: Experimental studies on the B{\sub 7} phase of a banana-shaped achiral mesogen
2001: Photoinduced nematic-isotropic phase transition: A case for the random-field Ising model
2002: Achiral banana-shaped mesogenic bidentate ligands and their Cu(II) and Pd(II) complexes
2002: Anomalous increase of photocurrent anisotropy in a liquid crystalline binary mixture
2002: Effect of Electric Field on the TGBC* Phase
2002: Spacer parity dependence of photoinduced effects in liquid-crystalline dimers
2002: Surface Effects on Liquid Crystals of Bent-Shaped Molecules
2003: Enhanced dynamic response of the photoinduced nematic–isotropic transition in a polymer matrix
2003: Light shutters and electro-optical storage devices from antiferroelectric liquid crystals of bent-shape molecules
2003: Liquid crystal fibers of bent-core molecules
2004: A low-molar-mass, monodispersive, bent-rod dimer exhibiting biaxial nematic and smectic A phases
2004: Influence of a long-chain alkane on the photoinduced nematic-isotropic transition
2005: A photodriven dual-frequency addressable optical device
2005: Biaxial Nematic and Smectic A Phases in a "Peelable Banana-Shaped" Molecule
2005: Photoinduced Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystalline Systems
2005: Photoinduced effects in nematic liquid crystals
2006: Electrical conductivity and dielectric constant measurements of liquid crystal-gold nanoparticle composites
2006: Nonsymmetrical five-ring achiral banana-shaped liquid crystals comprising salicylaldimine mesogenic segment
2006: The biaxial smectic (SmAb) phase in nonsymmetric liquid crystal dimers comprising two rodlike anisometric segments: an unusual behavior
2007: Evidence of Wormlike Micellar Behavior in Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Rheological, X-ray, and Dielectric Studies
2007: Nonequilibrium Liquid Crystalline Layered Phase Stabilized by Light
2008: Electric-Field-Assisted Acceleration of the Photostimulated Nematic - Isotropic Transition
2008: Electrically Tunable Color by Using Mixtures of Bent-Core and Rod-Shaped Molecules
2008: Optically biaxial interdigitated smectic A phase: liquid crystalline dimeric bidentate ligands and their metal complexes
2009: A new thermotropic reentrant behaviour in a chiral liquid crystal dimer: the occurrence of SmA-SmAb-SmA phase sequence
2009: Fast Responding Robust Nematic Liquid Crystalline Gels Formed by a Monodisperse Dipeptide: Electro-Optic and Rheological Studies
2009: Photoinduced phase transitions


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