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Nair, G.G.

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Nair, Geetha G.;   Nair, Geetha Gopinathan


Bahr, Christian;   Bault, P.;   Chambers, M.;   Chandrasekhar, S.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Gleeson, J.T.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Harden, J.;   Hegde, G.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hiremath, U.S.;   Jákli, Antal;   Khandelwal, A.;   Kim, J.;   Krishna Prasad, S.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Kumar, S.;   Lee, C.-K.;   Li, Q.;   Madhabi, M.;   Mathews, M.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Prasad, S.K.;   Prasad, V.;   Raja, V.N.;   Rao, D.S. Shankar;   Ratna, B.R.;   Rauch, S.;   Sandhya, K.L.;   Sawade, Hans;   Shankar Rao, D.S.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Sprunt, S.;   Sun, R.;   Teeling, R.;   Toledano, P.;   Yelamaggad, C.V.;   Éber, N.

Publication Titles

1988: Evidence of a first-order smectic-A-smectic-C* transition and its approach to tricritical behavior
1990: Temperature range of the smectic-A phase and its effect on the smectic A-smectic C transition
1991: On the variation of pitch and polarization-tilt coupling in chiral smectic C
1994: Phase diagram involving the twist grain boundary phase in the vicinity of a virtual cholesteric-smectic A-smectic C* point
1999: Non-linear dielectric response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
2000: First observation of a photoinduced transition to a more ordered phase in a system exhibiting reentrant nematic - smectic a phase sequence
2000: Investigations of the non-linear dielectric response in the smectic C*, smectic I* and smectic F* phases of a chiral liquid crystal
2001: Dynamics of the two-dimensional melting transition of a liquid crystal confined in Anopore membranes
2001: Effects of Photo-Controlled Nanophase Segregation in a Re-entrant Nematic Liquid Crystal
2001: Electro-disclinic effect in tilted smectic phases of banana-shaped liquid crystal materials
2001: Macroscopic chirality of a liquid crystal from nonchiral molecules
2002: Ferroelectric-chiral-antiferroelectric-racemic liquid crystal phase transition of bent-shape molecules
2002: Freely Suspended Strands and Filaments of Smectic Phases of Banana-Shaped Molecules
2002: Triclinic - Monoclinic Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions in Fluoro-Substituted Bent-Shape Compounds
2003: A bent-shape liquid crystal compound with antiferroelectric triclinic-monoclinic phase transition
2003: Electrooptic and viewing angle characteristics of a display device employing a discotic nematic liquid crystal
2003: Photoconductivity measurements in the discotic columnar phase of a few anthraquinone derivatives
2003: Synthesis and thermal behaviour of salicylaldimine-based liquid crystalline symmetrical dimers
2004: Polymer network as a template for control of photoconductivity of a liquid crystal semiconductor
2005: Dynamic Self-Assembly of the Liquid-Crystalline Smectic A Phase
2008: Extraordinary properties of nematic phases of bent-core liquid crystals


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