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Müller, F.

Alternative Writings

Mueller, F.;   Muller, F.

Similar Names

Mueller, F.;   Müller, Frank


Aksenov, V.;   Eremin, A.;   Halary, J.L.;   Kremer, F.;   Laupretre, F.;   Monnerie, L.;   Schadt, M.;   Spiess, H.W.;   Stannarius, Ralf;   Wiesner, U.

Publication Titles

1976: Influence of solutes on material constants of liquid crystals and on electro-optical properties of twisted nematic displays
1979: Class specific elastic, viscous, optical and dielectric properties of some nematic liquid crystals and correlations with their performance in twisted nematic displays
1996: Local dynamics in a thermotropic terpolyester as revealed by dynamic mechanical analysis, 2H NMR, and dielectric spectroscopy
2006: Smectic membranes: Rupture dynamics and foam coarsening
2007: Collapse and rupture of smectic membranes
2008: Rupture of smectic bubbles


Acta Polym., 47, 429
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 34 (Freiburg) P42
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 35 (Bayreuth) P45
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 36 (Magdeburg) O10
J. Chem. Phys., 65, 2224
Rev. Phys. Appl., 14, 265

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