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Mülhaupt, Rolf

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Muelhaupt, Rolf;   Mulhaupt, Rolf

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Mülhaupt, R.


Bauer, Thorsten;   Coen, Martine Collaud;   Fahrländer, Michael;   Frey, Holger;   Friedrich, Christian;   Fuchs, Konrad;   Hölter, Dirk;   Klee, Joachem E.;   Klee, Joachim E.;   Kressler, Jörg;   Lorenz, Klaus;   Mayer-Posner, Franz J.;   Quincy, Marie-France;   Rapp, Uwe;   Stühn, Bernd;   Sunder, Alexander;   Thomann, Ralf;   Wang, Chun

Publication Titles

1995: LC-dendrimers based on carbosilanarborols
1996: A mesogen-functionalized carbosilane dendrimer. A dendritic liquid crystalline polymer
1996: Branched LC bismethacrylates
1996: Carbosilane dendrimers with liquid-crystalline properties and their preparation and use
1996: Liquid Crystalline Thermosets Based on Branched Bismethacrylates
1996: Mesogen-functionalized carbosilane dendrimers-dendritic liquid crystalline polymers
1996: Mono- and Multilayers of Mesogen-Substituted Carbosilane Dendrimers on Mica
1996: Negative pressure effects during the isothermal crystallization of isotactic poly(propylene) studied by light and atomic force microscopy
1997: Carbosilane Dendrimers with Perfluoroalkyl End Groups. Core-Shell Macromolecules with Generation-Dependent Order
1997: Liquid crystalline acrylates or .alpha.-substituted acrylates, curable dental compositions containing these compounds, and methods for using these compositions
1998: Ambient-temperature liquid - crystalline bismethacrylates based on cholesterol. Cholesteric and smectic thermosets
1999: Hyperbranched polyether polyols with liquid crystalline properties
1999: Liquid crystalline (meth)acrylate compounds, composition and method
2000: Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of Esterified Aliphatic Hyperbranched Polyether Polyols
2003: Catalytic Polymerization and Post Polymerization Catalysis Fifty Years After the Discovery of Ziegler's Catalysts
2003: Linear and Nonlinear Rheological Properties of Self-Assembling Tectons in Polypropylene Matrices


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