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Mucha, M.

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Mucha, Maria


Czechowski, G.;   Ganicz, T.;   Grosicka, E.;   Jadzyn, J.;   Kryszewski, M.;   Ludwiczak, S.;   Nastal, E.

Publication Titles

1987: Phase transition studies by thermal and thermooptical analysis of liquid crystals inserted into a polymeric matrix
1989: Thermooptical analysis as a complementary method in the study of phase transitions of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer and its blends with polycarbonate
1991: Morphology and optical properties of liquid crystals embedded in polyester resin matrix
1991: Phase transition of polycarbonate in blends with liquid crystal
1991: Response time measurements of liquid crystal dispersed in polyester resin film
1992: Study of electrooptic properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films with low concentration of liquid crystal
1995: Thermo- and electrooptical phenomena in dimeric liquid crystalline compounds
1997: Complex study of reorientational dynamics of the liquid crystal in PDLC films
1997: Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Displays-Switching Time Effects
1998: Polymer dispersed liquid crystal displays: switching times effect
1999: Dielectric relaxation in polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal films
2000: Electrooptical characterization of various PDLC materials
2006: Dynamics of Water Sorption to Nanopores of Polymer Biomaterials


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