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Moura Ramos, Joaquim J.

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Moura Ramos, J.J.;   Moura-Ramos, Joaquim J.;   Ramos, Joaquim J. Moura


Adao, Maria Helena C.V.;   Correia, Natalia T.;   Cruz, Carlos;   Diogo, Herminio P.;   Godinho, Maria Helena;   Lacey, David;   Mano, Joao F.;   Mano, Joao F.L.;   Merkel, Katarzyna;   Nestor, G.;   Saramago, Benilde J.V.

Publication Titles

1996: Dipolar relaxations in the glass transition region and in the liquid crystalline phase of two side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
1997: Temperature dependence of the surface behavior of a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer probed by contact angle measurements
1998: Local motions in side-chain liquid crystalline polymers. A thermally stimulated currents study
2004: Anomalous Thermal Behavior of Salicylsalicylic Acid and Evidence for a Monotropic Transition to a Nematic Phase

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