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Moscicki, Jozef K.

Alternative Writings

Moscicki, Józef K.

Similar Names

Moscicki, J.K.;   Moscicki, Józef


Budil, David E.;   Czupryñski, Krzysztof;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Dziaduszek, Jerzy;   Freed, Jack H.;   Hall, Elizabeth;   Janik, Joanna;   Kozak, Andrzej;   Krol-Otwinowska, Agnieszka;   Król-Otwinowska, Agnieszka;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Shin, Yeon K.;   Simon, George P.;   Sokolowska, Dagmara;   Urban, Stanislaw;   Williams, Graham;   Wnek, Maciej;   Xu, Dajiang

Publication Titles

1984: On the rotational diffusion of rodlike macromolecules in lyotropic-mesomorphic phases
1990: Dielectric spectroscopy of a side chain liquid crystal polymer
1990: The kinetics of alignment of a liquid crystal polymer in a d.c. electric field
1992: Influence of Steric Effects on Rotational Molecular Dynamics of Monomeric, Nematic Liquid Crystals
1992: Measurements of Viscosity Coefficients for Mixtures of 80CB and 4TPB Exhibiting Induced Nematic Phase
1992: Phase Equilibria of Discs on the Flory Lattice
1993: Translational diffusion in a smectic -A phase by electron-spin-resonance imaging: the free-volume model
1994: ESR studies of molecular dynamics of a liquid crystalline polyether
1996: Phase equilibria in solutions of disklike particles
1996: Theory of translational diffusion in the nematic phase
1996: Translational Diffusion in Polydisperse Polymer Samples Studied by Dynamic Imaging of Diffusion ESR
1997: ECLC '97 Conference - European Conference on Liquid Crystal Science and Technology
1998: Miesowicz viscosities study of a two-component thermotropic mixture
1999: Phase transition and dielectric studies of a three-ring homologous series with the -NCS terminal group
1999: Role of side chains in phase equilibria of disklike mesogens
2000: Phase equilibria in an athermal solution of platelike particles
2001: The lyotropic smectic phase on the flory lattice
2004: Water-network percolation transitions in hydrated yeast
2006: Pendulum viscometer: A new method for measurement of Mie[underaccent cedilla [below] sowicz nematic shear viscosity coefficients eta1 and eta2


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