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Moscicki, J.K.

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Moscicki, Joseph K.;   Moscicki, Jozef K.;   Moscicki, Józef K.


Aharoni, S.M.;   Buivydas, M.;   Campoli, F.;   Canet, D.;   Czupryñski, K.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Freed, J.H.;   Grande, Siegbert;   Heinze, Ekkehard;   Hornak, J.P.;   Jaich, A.;   Janik, J.;   Janik, J.A.;   Kozak, A.;   Kresse, H.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Maltese, P.;   Massalska-Arodz, M.;   Matuszczyk, M.;   Matuszczyk, T.;   Nguyen, X.P.;   Noack, F.;   Rachwalska, M.;   Robin-Lherbier, B.;   Schneider, D.J.;   Shin, Y.K.;   Sokolowska, D.;   Urban, S.;   Williams, G.;   Wnek, M.;   Wróbel, S.;   Ziarko, P.;   d'Alessandro, A.

Publication Titles

1976: Dielectric properties of the metastable and stable solid phase modifications of p-methoxy benzylidene p-n-butyl aniline (MBBA)
1977: Calorimetric and dielectric investigations of MBBA (N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-butylaniline) and HAB (4,4'-di-n-heptyloxyazoxybenzene)
1978: Investigation of the proton spin-lattice relaxation in the metastable and stable solid phases of MBBA
1978: Study of dielectric relaxation in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
1980: Dielectric Relaxation in the Metastable Modification of the Solid Phase of p-Methoxybenzylidene-p'-n-Butylaniline (MBBA)
1980: Dielectric study of 4-nitrophenyl 4'-(octyloxy)benzoate
1981: A dielectric study of nematogen 4-n-hexyloxyphenyl 4-n-methoxybenzoate, C1O/OC6
1981: On the interpretation of dielectric relaxation in nematogens
1981: Rigid backbone polymers. 22. Dielectric relaxation in lyotropic and highly concentrated isotropic solutions of poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) in toluene
1982: Calorimetric study of NPOB
1982: Rigid-backbone polymers. Dielectric relaxation of isotropic and lyotropic solutions of poly(n-hexylisocyanate)
1983: Concentrated solutions of polydisperse rodlike polymers in the isotropic and lyotropic liquid-crystalline phases. I. The effects of molecular length distribution on phase behavior
1983: Concentrated solutions of polydisperse rodlike polymers in the isotropic and lyotropic liquid-crystalline phases. II. Model simulation of the dielectric relaxation behavior of poly(n-alkyl isocyanates) in toluene and comparison with experimental results
1984: DMR study of the magnetic field orientation of the lyotropic-nematic phase of poly (n-hexylisocyanate) solution in toluene-d 8
1984: Dielectric relaxation investigations of the isotropic and nematic phases of 4-n-Butyloxyphenyl-4-n-hexylbenzoate (BOHB)
1985: Molecular dynamics in rigid-rod macromolecular lyotropic liquid crystals
1985: Numerical study of the phase behavior of rods in solution: Warner-Flory model with polydisperse system of rods
1986: Diffusion coefficients in anisotropic fluids by ESR imaging of concentration profiles
1988: The steric effects in the rotational molecular dynamics of nematogens
1990: Dynamics of phosphatidylcholine-cholesterol mixed model membranes in the liquid crystalline state
1993: Detailed study of a two component smectic 4TPB-80CB system with a nematic gap: phase diagram and viscosity study
1993: Kinetics of Alignment of High Viscosity Nematic Liquid Crystals in the D.C. Electric Field-Numerical Studies
1997: Influence of the Aligning Materials on the Dielectric Spectra of Thin Surface Stabilized FLC Cells
1997: p-T Dependence of Molecular Dynamics in Nematogens: Application to Dielectric Relaxation
1998: Studies of anchoring conditions for different aligning materials from dielectric behavior of SSFLC cells


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