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Mori, N.

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Mori, H.;   Mori, Naoyuki;   Mori, Nei;   Mori, Norio;   Mori, Noriyasu;   Morii, N.


Hamaguchi, Y.;   Moriguchi, N.;   Morimoto, J.;   Morimoto, M.;   Nakamura, K.;   Shindo, M.;   Takahashi, T.;   Tsuji, Y.;   Uematsu, I.;   Uematsu, Y.;   Yamamoto, T.;   Yasuda, K.;   Yoshikawa, C.

Publication Titles

1977: The Structure and the Properties of Poly-glutamates in Concentrated Solutions
1995: Numerical simulations of the flow of liquid crystalline polymers between parallel plates containing a cylinder
1997: Computer simulation of steady shear flow of liquid crystals with the Gay-Berne potential
1997: Measurements of velocity profile development in the spinning flows of liquid crystalline polymer solutions
1997: Numerical simulation of the spinning flow of liquid crystalline polymers
1999: Hydroxypropylcellulose Films as Alignment Layers for Liquid Crystals
2002: Development of wavy texture in startup flows of liquid crystalline polymer solution through a slit cell
2004: Texture Observed in a Simple Shear Flow and after Cessation of the Flow for Liquid Crystalline Polymers


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