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Möller, M.

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Moeller, M.;   Moller, M.

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Möller, Manfred;   Möller, Martin


Ahn, C.-H.;   Al-Hussein, M.;   Bengs, H.;   Blackwell, J.;   Cheng, S.Z.D.;   Cho, W.-D.;   Drotloff, H.;   Emeis, D.;   Fossum, E.;   Frey, H.;   Gerle, M.;   Greszta, D.;   Grinberg, F.;   Jamieson, A.M.;   Karthaus, O.;   Kim, J.;   Kimmich, R.;   Konovalov, O.;   Kwon, Y.K.;   Kögler, G.;   Lang, P.;   Leman, T.;   Loufakis, K.;   Marczuk, P.;   Markovitsi, D.;   Matyjaszewski, K.;   Molenberg, A.;   Mourran, A.;   Oelfin, D.;   Out, G.J.J.;   Out, R.;   Percec, Virgil;   Prokhorova, S.A.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Rotter, H.;   Schlueter, D.;   Schmidt, M.;   Schwegler, L.A.;   Seitter, R.-O.;   Serero, Y.;   Sheiko, S.S.;   Siffrin, S.;   Slangen, P.J.;   Spiess, H.W.;   Stapf, S.;   Tsukruk, V.;   Tsukruk, V.V.;   Turetskii, A.A.;   Ungar, G.;   Waldron, R.F.;   Wendling, J.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Werth, M.;   Wunderlich, Bernhard;   Yeardley, D.J.P.;   Zhang, A.;   de Haas, M.P.;   de Jeu, Wim H.;   van der Laan, G.P.;   von Soden, Wolfgang

Publication Titles

1987: Chain folding and mesomorphic states of cycloalkanes
1987: Mesomorphic state of cyclotetradecane
1988: Molecular motions in crystalline and mesomorphous phases of flexible chain molecules
1989: Condis Crystals of Small Molecules. IV. Solid State NMR of Cyclododecamethylhexasilane
1990: Mesomorphism, molecular structure and dynamics of poly(diethylsiloxane)
1991: Crystallization and mesomorphic disordering of di-n-hexylsilylene/di-n-pentylsilylene copolymers
1992: Discotic charge transfer twins: structure and mesophase behavior of covalently linked triphenylenes and trinitrofluorenones
1992: Functionalized Discotic Triphenylenes: Mesophase Behaviour and Charge Transfer Absorption in Columnar Liquid Crystals
1993: Influence of Acceptor Polymers on Columnar Rotations in Discotics
1993: Synthesis and properties of poly[bis(.gamma.-ethoxypropyl)silylene]
1994: Field-Cycling NMR Relaxation Spectroscopy of Poly(di-n-alkylsiloxanes) in Solid, Mesomorphic Liquid, and Isotropic Liquid Phases
1994: Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
1994: Mesomorphic flexible chain polymers based on silicon
1994: Molecular dynamics of discotic charge-transfer complexes, dielectric spectroscopy and 2H NMR studies
1994: The nature of the glass transition in a columnar hexagonal ordered phase
1995: Dramatic Stabilization of a Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase Generated from Supramolecular and Macromolecular Columns by the Semifluorination of the Alkyl Groups of Their Tapered Building Blocks
1995: Structural correlation between the columnar mesophase and the melt in poly(di-n-alkylsiloxane)s
1996: Order fluctuations in the mesophase of polydiethylsiloxane as studied by the dipolar-correlation effect on the stimulated echo
1997: Poly(di-n-pentylsilylene) copolymers containing diethylene glycol-diethyl ether side chains
1998: Block copolymers and networks from polybutadiene and polydiethylsiloxane
1998: Controlling polymer shape through the self-assembly of dendritic side-groups
1998: Visualizable Cylindrical Macromolecules with Controlled Stiffness from Backbones Containing Libraries of Self-Assembling Dendritic Side Groups
1999: Preparation of Telechelic Polysilylenes: A General Methodology for the Synthesis of Polysilylene-Based Triblock Copolymers
2000: Bulk structure and surface activity of semifluorinated alkanes
2005: Nanoordering of Fluorinated Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline/Amorphous Diblock Copolymers


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