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Mitchell, G.R.

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Mitchell, Geoffrey R.


Ahn, K.-H.;   Al-Ammar, K.H.;   Alegria, A.;   Andresen, E.;   Andresen, E.M.;   Anuar, K.;   Ashman, A.;   Barnes, N.R.;   Bassett, D.C.;   Beattie, H.N.;   Blackman, J.A.;   Brittin, M.;   Chai, C.K.;   Coulter, M.;   Cywinski, R.;   Davis, F.J.;   Echave, J.M.;   Ford, J.R.;   Gilbert, A.;   Guo, W.;   Hamdan, S.;   Hasson, C.D.;   He, Z.;   Hirai, A.;   Holt, J.J.;   Ishii, F.;   Keates, P.;   Keates, P.A.;   King, N.R.;   Lacey, D.;   Legge, C.H.;   Mann, J.;   Mayers, J.;   Navard, P.;   Odajima, A.;   Peuvrel, E.;   Peuvrel-Disdier, E.;   Pople, J.;   Pople, J.A.;   Roberts, P.M.;   Rosi-Schwartz, B.;   Ryan, T.G.;   Symons, A.J.;   Takase, Y.;   Tsakalos, V.;   Vaughan, A.S.;   Viney, C.;   Whale, E.A.;   Whitcombe, M.J.;   Whitcombo, M.J.;   Windle, A.H.

Publication Titles

1982: Structural analysis of an oriented liquid crystalline copolyester
1983: Measurement of molecular orientation in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1983: Optical microstructure of oriented liquid crystal polymers
1984: The measurement of molecular orientation by X-ray scattering
1984: Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers; a multiaxial nematic classification
1985: Biaxial optical properties of thermotropic random copolyesters
1985: Diffraction from thermotropic copolyester molecules
1985: N.M.R. study of the chain orientation and molecular motions in rigid-chain thermotropic copolyesters
1986: Dielectric behavior of rigid-chain thermotropic copolyesters
1986: The synthesis and properties of liquid crystal elastomers
1987: Mechanically induced molecular switching in liquid-crystal elastomers
1987: Structural studies of side-chain liquid crystal polymers and elastomers
1989: Molecular switching in liquid-crystal elastomers
1990: Approaches to the synthesis of novel photoactive side chain liquid-crystalline polymers containing analogs of the cinnamate ester group
1990: Copolymers formed from side-chain liquid crystal polymers with a short coupling chain
1990: Morphology of a main chain liquid crystal polymer containing semi-flexible coupling chain
1991: A side-chain liquid crystal copolymer system with mesogenic units of opposite sense couplings
1991: Cinnamate ester-containing liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
1991: Coupling between mesogenic units and polymer backbone in side-chain liquid crystal polymers and elastomers
1991: Memory effects in liquid crystal elastomers
1991: Novel photoactive liquid crystal polymers
1991: The convenient synthesis of a liquid crystalline polyacrylate with a tetramethylene spacer
1992: Electrooptical properties of liquid-crystal copolymers and their relationship to structural order
1992: Hydrogen momentum distribution in rigid chain polymers
1992: Liquid-crystal elastomers based upon cellulose derivatives
1992: Local structural correlations in anisotropic aqueous solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose
1992: Photo-induced phase transitions in azobenzene-doped liquid crystals
1992: Synthesis and photochemistry of side-chain liquid crystal polymers based on cinnamate esters
1992: The Phase Behaviour of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Elastomers
1992: The Properties of Liquid Crystal Polymers Based on a Laterally Substituted Mesogenic Unit
1992: The effect of the spacer length on the nature of coupling in side chain liquid crystals polymers and elastomers
1993: In situ x-ray scattering study of anisotropic solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose subjected to shear flow
1993: Liquid crystal elastomers: interaction between the network and smectic ordering
1993: Strain-induced transitions in liquid-crystal elastomers
1993: The effect of the molecular weight on the electrooptic properties of methacrylate-based side-chain liquid crystal polymers
1993: The photo-Fries rearrangement in a side-chain liquid - crystalline polymer
1994: A study of the phase behavior of blends of side-chain liquid crystal polymers
1994: Dielectric relaxation around the nematic-isotropic transition of liquid crystalline polymers
1994: Flow-induced structures in polymer blends containing a liquid crystalline polymer
1994: Side-chain liquid crystal copolymers and elastomers with a null coupling between the polymer backbone and the mesogenic groups
1995: A lamellar liquid crystal with a vegetable oil
1995: Real time x-ray rheology of polymers
1996: Flow behavior of liquid crystal polymers as revealed by x-ray rheology
1996: Influence of side-chain bearing units on the phase behavior of a series of copoly(ester ether)s
1996: Liquid crystal elastomers: controlled crosslinking in the liquid crystal phase
1996: Photosensitive phase behavior of mixtures of 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl and a non-mesogenic chromophore methyl β-(1-naphthyl)propenoate
1996: Preparation and properties of single domain liquid crystal elastomers
1996: Time-resolved in situ x-ray scattering studies of aqueous hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions
1997: A two-dimensional X-ray scattering system for in-situ time-resolving studies of polymer structures subjected to controlled deformations
1997: WAXS studies of global molecular orientation induced in nematic liquid crystals by simple shear flow
1998: Optimization of photo-induced geometric isomerization of azobenzene derivatives in dye doped polymer films for enhanced photo-induced poling
1998: Orientation effects in monodomain nematic liquid crystalline polysiloxane elastomers
1998: Orientational behavior of thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystal polymer systems under shear flow
1998: X-ray rheology of unstructured and structured polymer melts
1999: Imprinting chiral structure on liquid crystalline elastomers
1999: Side-chain liquid crystalline elastomers: the relationship between the orientational ordering of the polymer backbone and the length of the coupling chain
2000: Observation of the internal network structure of a polymer-stabilized liquid crystal via transmission electron microscopy


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