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Mirau, Peter A.

Alternative Writings

Mirau, P.A.

Similar Names

Mirau, Peter


Gidley, David W.;   Larson, Ron G.;   Lee, Hae-Jeong;   Lin, Eric K.;   Moldenaers, Paula;   Nalamasu, Omkaram;   Pai, Chien-Shing;   Reichmanis, Elsa;   Srinivasarao, Mohan;   Sun, Jianing;   Wagner, Norman J.;   Walker, Lynn M.;   Yang, Shu

Publication Titles

1995: The rheology of highly concentrated PBLG solutions
1997: NMR characterization of liquid crystal -polymer interactions in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
2001: Molecular Templating of Nanoporous Ultralow Dielectric Constant (1.5) Organosilicates by Tailoring the Microphase Separation of Triblock Copolymers

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