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Minsky, Abraham

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Minsky, A.


Arad, Talmon;   Brumfeld, Vlad;   Gutman, Susan B.;   Levin-Zaidman, Smadar;   Reich, Ziv;   Schramm, Oded;   Wachtel, Ellen J.;   Ziv, Reich

Publication Titles

1994: Liquid-crystalline mesophases of plasmid DNA in bacteria
1994: Supercoiling-Regulated Liquid-Crystalline Packaging of Topologically-Constrained, Nucleosome-Free DNA Molecules
1996: Chiral Discrimination in DNA-Peptide Interactions Involving Chiral DNA Mesophases: A Geometric Analysis
1996: Flow of Structural Information between Four DNA Conformational Levels
1996: Liquid-crystalline phases of topologically-constrained DNA molecules
1998: The chiral code: from DNA primary structures to quaternary assemblies


Biochemistry, 33, 14177
Biochemistry, 35, 2985
Biol. Struct. Dyn., Proc. Conversation Discip. Biomol. Stereodyn., 9th, Volume 2, 303
Chirality, 10, 405
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