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Miller, Wilmer G.

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Miller, W.G.;   Miller, Wilmer Glenn


Blum, Frank D.;   Bryant, Robert G.;   Davis, H. Ted;   Falls, Andrew H.;   Franses, Elias I.;   Goebel, Kenneth G.;   Kaler, Eric W.;   Puig, Jorge E.;   Rai, Juey H.;   Rose, Kenneth D.;   Santee, Gary L.;   Scriven, L.E.;   Vosejpka, Paul C.;   Wee, Elizabeth L.;   Wu, Chia Chuan;   Zasadzinski, Joseph A.N.

Publication Titles

1973: Liquid crystal-isotropic phase equilibria in stiff chain polymers
1973: Nitroxide spin-labeled poly-.gamma.-benzyl-.alpha.,L-glutamate
1974: Thermodynamics and dynamics of polypeptide liquid crystals
1978: Lattice model treatments of the formation of ordered phases in stiff chain polymer-diluent systems
1978: Stiff chain polymer lyotropic liquid crystals
1982: Characterization and aging of aqueous vesicular dispersions of sodium 4-(1-heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate
1982: Relation of phase behavior to interfacial tensions of mixed surfactant systems
1982: Temperature dependence of molecular motion in smectic liquid crystals of hydrated sodium 4-(1-heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate
1986: Polymerizable surfactant design for transmission electron microscopy
1987: Structure and dynamics in lamellar liquid crystals. Effect of agitation and aging on deuterium NMR line shapes


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