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Mieczkowski, J.

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Mieczkowski, Jozef;   Mieczkowski, Józef


Bilkova, P.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Cepic, M.;   Chen, Li;   Donnio, B.;   Dvorak, V.;   Dvorák, V.;   Garland, C.W.;   Glogarova, M.;   Glogarová, M.;   Guillon, D.;   Górecka, Ewa;   Iannacchione, G.S.;   Kardas, D.;   Matraszek, J.;   Nakata, M.;   Pociecha, D.;   Przedmojski, J.;   Pyc, P.;   Pyzuk, W.;   Rychetsky, I.;   Rychetský, I.;   Szydlowska, J.;   Takezoe, H.;   Trzcinska, K.;   Vaupotic, N.;   Žekš, Boštjan

Publication Titles

1992: Phase transitions and reentrant phenomena in liquid crystals having both rigid and flexible intramolecular joints
1992: Reentrant Phenomena in Liquid Crystals having an Asymmetric Carbon Atom in a Flexible Bridging Group
1993: Chiral discrimination effect in reentrant liquid crystals
1997: Effect of chirality on phase transitions in re-entrant liquid crystals
1998: Observation of a Frustrated Phase in Mixtures of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
1998: Phase behavior in the reentrant-nematic region of chiral frustrated smectic liquid crystals
1999: Dielectric behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystals in the vicinity of the transition into the hexatic phase
1999: Mesogenic derivatives of 2S,3S-2-halogeno-3-methylpentanoic acid with helix twist inversion in the smectic C phase
1999: Molecular dynamics in the vicinity of the transition into the hexatic phase in chiral smectics
2000: Behavior of frustrated phase in ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystalline mixtures
2000: Dielectric spectroscopy study of the transition into the hexatic phase in chiral smectics
2000: Nematic phase formed by banana-shaped molecules
2001: Reentrant Ferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals
2002: 2-D and 3-D modulated phases formed by bent-shaped moleccules
2003: Bent-core liquid crystals forming two- and three-dimensional modulated structures
2003: Enhanced chirality by adding achiral molecules into the chiral system
2004: Bent-core molecules with lateral halogen atoms forming tilted, synclinic and anticlinic, lamellar phases
2005: Progress of Understanding Liquid Crystals Made of Bent-Shaped Molecules
2006: Photocurrent increase by doping a liquid crystal host with a functionalized fullerene


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