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Meyer, J.

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Meier, J.;   Meyer, Johannes


Bualek, S.;   Görrn, P.;   Haase, W.;   Hamwi, S.;   Johannes, H.-H.;   Kapitza, Heinrich;   Kowalsky, W.;   Koßmehl, Gerhard;   Kröger, M.;   Nagel, H.-I.;   Riedl, T.;   Schmidt, G.F.;   Zentel, Rudolf

Publication Titles

1988: Orientability of crosslinked and of chiral liquid crystalline polymers
1994: Synthesis and examination of chiral liquid crystalline side chain polymers
2007: See-through OLED displays
2008: Indium-free transparent organic light emitting diodes with Al doped ZnO electrodes grown by atomic layer and pulsed laser deposition

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