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Menzel, Henning

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Menzel, H.


Börger, Volker;   Büchel, Michael;   Fischer, Thomas;   Geue, Thomas;   Hallensleben, Manfred L.;   Huber, Marco R.;   Johannsmann, Diethelm;   Lackmann, Heike;   Minx, Carsten;   Rambke, Birgit;   Ruther, Manuel;   Stumpe, Joachim;   Weichart, Birgit;   Zhang, Xin-min;   Ziegler, Andreas;   Zugenmaier, Peter

Publication Titles

1988: X-ray diffraction study on the phase behavior of a liquid-crystalline side-group polymethacrylate with biphenylyl mesogen moieties
1991: Self-organization and photochemical influence
1997: Langmuir-Blodgett films of photochromic polyglutamates. Part 10. The influence of the side chain architecture on the thermal and monolayer forming properties of "hairy rod"-like polymers
1997: Photoorientation in LB multilayers of thermotropic polymers
1997: Role of interfacial entropy in the command-surface effect
1998: Discrimination of structural order and chromophore aggregation as factors effecting the photo-reorientation of azobenzene in copolyglutamate LB films
2000: Change in the orientational distribution of non-isomerizing diphenyldiacetylene chromophores in LB-films
2000: Investigation of crosslinkable LB-film (I): synthesis of poly[5-(6'-hexanediol cinnamate)-L-glutamate] and its air/water interface behavior
2005: Influence of the Molecular Weight of Azopolymers on the Photo-Induced Formation of Surface Relief Gratings


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