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Meier, Wolfgang

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Meier, W.


Finkelmann, Heino;   Greune, Gero;   Hirschmann, Harald;   Hofmann, Klaus Peter;   Nardin, Corinne;   Rüdiger, Mario;   Rüstow, Bernd;   Schreiber, Jörg;   Schwarzwälder, Claudius;   Tölle, Angelika;   Winterhalter, Mathias

Publication Titles

1991: Liquid crystal elastomers with piezoelectric properties
1991: Nonlinear optical and piezoelectric behavior of liquid-crystalline elastomers
1992: Inverse piezoelectricity in cholesteric elastomers
1992: Liquid crystalline elastomers
1993: Piezoelectricity of cholesteric elastomers. 1. Infuence of the helicoidal pitch on the piezoelectric coefficient
1996: Structured Polymer Networks from O/W-Microemulsions and Liquid Crystalline Phases
1997: New Nonionic Head Type Polysoaps: A Way to Reversed Liquid Crystalline Phases
1998: Crosslinked structures with double lipid membranes or based on peptides
1998: Polymer Networks with Lamellar Structure
1999: Plasmalogens reduce the viscosity of a surfactant-like phospholipid monolayer
2000: Reconstitution of channel proteins in (polymerized) ABA triblock copolymer membranes
2002: Effect of cholesterol and surfactant protein B on the viscosity of phospholipid mixtures


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WO 9.813.025 (1998/04/02)

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