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Meier, Herbert

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Meier, H.


Bouas-Laurent, H.;   Desvergne, J.P.;   Fetten, Michael;   Fischbach, Ingrid;   Gauglitz, Günter;   Hanold, Norbert;   Hennecke, Manfred;   Hinneschiedt, Sabine;   Kalbitz, Helga;   Kolshorn, Heinz;   Kosteyn, Frank;   Kretzschmann, Holger;   Köhn, Christiane;   Lang, Michael;   Lehmann, Matthias;   Lifka, Thorsten;   Müller, Klaus;   Oehlhof, Annette;   Prehl, Sabine;   Rau, Hermann;   Renker, Sabine;   Rose, Bernd;   Schartel, Bernhard;   Schnorpfeil, Christoph;   Schollmeyer, Dieter;   Spiess, Hans Wolfgang;   Stalmach, Ulf;   Zerban, Georg

Publication Titles

1992: 4,4'-Distyrylazobenzene as Chromophore
1992: 4,4'-Distyrylazobenzene as a mesogen
1992: Stilbenoid systems. Substances systematically changed with light
1992: [abc]-Annealated [18]annulenes
1993: Synthesis, liquid crystals and photochemistry of di- and tristyrylbenzenes with alkoxy side chains
1994: Photochemistry of linear and cyclic oligo- and poly(aryleneethenylene)s - applications in materials science
1994: Triphenanthro-anellated [18]annulenes with alkoxy side chains - A novel class of discotic liquid crystals
1995: Selectivity in the direction of photoisomerization reactions in liquid-crystalline guest-host systems
1995: Synthesis of belt cyclophanes
1996: Belt-Shaped Cyclophanes via Photodimerization of Phenanthro-Condensed [18]Annulenes
1998: Photoconductive liquid crystals in the series of 2,3,6,7-tetraalkoxytriphenylenes
1998: Stilbenoid dendrimers
1999: Dendrimers consisting of stilbene or distyrylbenzene building blocks synthesis and stability
2000: A new synthetic route to tribenzo[a,e,i][12]annulenes
2000: Photoreactive liquid crystals in the series of dendritic and cyclic stilbenoid compounds
2000: Synthesis of tripyreno[2,3,4-abc:2,3,4-ghi:2,3,4-mno][18]annulenes
2001: Synthesis of areno-condensed [24]annulenes
2002: Areno-condensed 1,7,13-triaza[18]annulenes
2004: Photochemistry and Mobility of Stilbenoid Dendrimers in Their Neat Phases
2006: Supramolecular order of stilbenoid dendrons: importance of weak interactions
2008: (E,E,E)-4,4'-distyrylstilbenes-synthesis, photophysics, photochemistry and phase behavior
2009: Mesomorphic Donor-Acceptor-substituted 1,4-Distyrylbenzenes


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