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Meier, H.

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Meier, Ch.;   Meier, G.;   Meier, Herbert;   Meyer, H.


Albrecht, W.;   Fetten, M.;   Holst, H.C.;   Kosteyn, F.;   Lehmann, M.;   Lifka, T.;   Lifka, Th.;   Lifka, Thorsten;   Müller, K.;   Pakula, T.;   Petermann, R.;   Praß, E.;   Schnorpfeil, C.;   Seus, P.;   Stalmach, U.;   Tschirwitz, U.;   Zerban, G.

Publication Titles

1976: Activation of electrooptical effects in liquid crystals by organic photoconductors
1988: Investigation on the formation of liquid crystals by distyrylbenzenes with alkoxy chains
1993: Photosensitive Liquid Crystals Bases On Stilbenzoid Structures
1994: Photochemistry of stilbenoid compounds in LC phases
1995: 3,6-Bis(2-arylethenyl)-1,2,4-tetrazines - Synthesis, LC properties, and photochemistry
1997: Photosensitive Liquid Crystals in the Series of Radial Oligophenylenevinylenes and Related Dendrimers
1998: Photochemistry of stilbenoid compounds - Ways from photochemistry to materials science
2000: Selective and statistical CC-bonding by photolysis of discotic and dendritic compounds
2002: Areno-condensed annulenes - extended discotic mesogens
2003: Photoactive columnar LC phases in the series of annulenes and dendrimers


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