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Mehl, Georg H.

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Mehl, G.H.;   Mehl, Georg


Aldred, Matthew P.;   Alvarez, Rubén;   Apreutesei, Daniela;   Auzely-Velty, Rachel;   Baumeister, Ute;   Benvegnu, Thierry;   Boullanger, Paul;   Boyle, Ross W.;   Costisor, Otilia;   Cretu, Carmen;   Cseh, Liliana;   Das-Gupta, Dilip K.;   Dodds, Ben J.;   Dumoulin, Fabienne;   Elsäßer, Ralf;   Ewing, David F.;   Fowler, Alan G.;   Frigoli, Michel;   Glab, Kristin L.;   Glew, Mandy;   Goodby, J.W.;   Goodby, John W.;   Haley, Julie A.;   Hogg, J.H. Christopher;   James, Leanne;   Januszko, Adam;   Karahaliou, Panagiota K.;   Kardas, Dorota;   Kaszynski, Piotr;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Kocot, A.;   Komanschek, Bernd U.;   Kouwer, Paul H.J.;   Lacey, David;   Lafont, Dominique;   Larpent, Chantal;   Letellier, Philippe;   Lewis, Robert A.;   Liu, Feng;   Macdonald, J. Emyr;   Mackenzie, Graham;   Mackenzie, Grahame;   Marrot, Jerome;   McRobbie, Graeme;   Merkel, K.;   Meyer, Thomas;   Nordmann, Ina;   O'Neill, Mary;   Patel, Kaushik;   Photinos, Demetri J.;   Picken, Stephen J.;   Plusquellec, Daniel;   Pociecha, Damian;   Pourzand, Jahan;   Prehm, Marko;   Priest, Lee;   Reddy, R. Amaranatha;   Saez, Isabel M.;   Scutaru, Dan;   Sinn, Ekkehard;   Stirner, Tom;   Styring, Peter;   Tajber, L.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Tuffin, Rachel P.;   Ungar, Goran;   Veith, M.;   Veith, Michael;   Vij, J.K.;   Vlachos, Panos;   Wand, Michael D.;   Welch, Chris;   Welch, Chris J.;   Wilson, Christopher J.;   Woon, Kai L.;   Zalewska-Rejdak, J.;   Zeng, Xiang-Bing

Publication Titles

1996: Liquid-crystalline, substituted octakis(dimethlsiloxy)octasilsesquio xanes: oligomeric supermolecular materials with defined topology
1996: Pyroelectric and dielectric properties of side-chain liquid crystal polymers
1996: Supermolecules containing a tetrahedral core: a new class of liquid-crystalline siloxanes
1998: Liquid crystals with restricted molecular topologies: supermolecules and supramolecular assemblies
1998: N-Acyl-.beta.-D-glycopyranosylamines containing 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexyl and phenyl rings: mesomorphism and molecular structure relationships
1998: The effect of low molecular weight organosiloxane substituents on mesophase formation and structure in nonsymmetric nickel(II) complexes
1999: Polyhedral liquid crystal silsesquioxanes
1999: Substituted siloxysilanes and the structure of oligomeric liquid crystals
2000: Nematic silsesquioxanes-towards nanocrystals dispersed in a nematic liquid crystal matrix
2001: Dendritic and multipodal liquid-crystalline materials based on organic-inorganic hybrid carbosilazane cores
2001: Nematic dendrimers based on carbosilazane cores
2002: Discotic Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers
2002: Orientational Order and Dynamics of Nematic Multipodes Based on Carbosilazane Cores Using Optical and Dielectric Spectroscopy
2002: Photochromic Liquid Crystal Dimers
2002: Self-Organizing Properties of Natural and Related Synthetic Glycolipids
2002: The Photo-Controlled Folding of Liquid Crystals
2002: Towards the Controlled Folding of Liquid Crystals
2003: A photochromic liquid crystal system
2003: Full Miscibility of Disk- and Rod-Shaped Mesogens in the Nematic Phase
2003: Multiple levels of order in linked disc-rod liquid crystals
2004: A photochromic liquid crystal system
2004: Design of Mesomorphic Diarylethene-Based Photochromes
2004: Disc-shaped triphenylenes in a smectic organization
2004: Mixtures of disc-shaped and rod-shaped mesogens with chiral components
2004: Modulation of the absorption, fluorescence, and liquid-crystal properties of functionalized diarylethene derivatives
2004: Room temperature nematic photoswitchable liquid crystals - molecular modularization of functional elements
2004: Room temperature photochromic liquid crystal [3H]-naphtho[2,1-b]pyrans-photochromism in the mesomorphic state
2004: The enhancement of photoswitching in a diarylethene derivative by the incorporation of cyanobiphenyl groups
2005: End functionalized liquid crystalline bent-core molecules and first DAB derived dendrimers with banana shaped mesogenic units
2005: Nematic tribenzosilatranes
2005: Quasi-periodic organization in soft self-assembling matter
2005: The Investigation of a Functionalised Photochromic Mesogen
2006: Completely miscible disc and rod shaped molecules in the nematic phase
2006: Electronic Charge Transport in Extended Nematic Liquid Crystals
2006: The Design and Investigation of Room Temperature Thermotropic Nematic Gold Nanoparticles
2006: The effect of carborane, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane and benzene on mesogenic and dielectric properties of laterally fluorinated three-ring mesogens
2007: Columnar phase structures of an organic-inorganic hybrid functionalized with eight calamitic mesogens
2007: Ferrocene-containing liquid crystals bearing a cholesteryl unit
2007: Local lamellar organisation of discotic mesogens carrying fluorinated tails
2007: The design and investigation of laterally functionalised oxadiazoles
2008: 3,3,4,4,5,5-Hexafluoro-1,2-bis[5-(2-fluoro-4'-undecyloxybiphenyl-4-yl)-2-methyl-3-thienyl]cyclopentene
2008: Long- and Short-Range Order in the Mesophases of Laterally Substituted Calamitic Mesogens and their Radial Octapodes
2008: Mesogenic dipyrrins - building blocks for the fabrication of fluorescent and metal-containing materials
2008: New Compounds with Potential Liquid Crystal Properties. Copper(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes of N,N'-bis(4-decyloxysalicyliden-N-n-propyl)-Piperazine. Synthesis and Characterization
2008: Testing the triple network structure of the cubic Imm (I) phase by isomorphous replacement and model refinement
2009: 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens
2009: Hierarchical organisation in shape-amphiphilic liquid crystals
2009: Ordered Gold Nanoarrays: 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens (Adv. Mater. 17/2009)


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