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Medvedev, A.V.


Barmatov, E.B.;   Barmatova, M.V.;   Dukin, A.A.;   Feoktistov, N.A.;   Golubev, V.G.;   Ivanov, S.A.;   Kozlovsky, M.;   Medvedev, A.S.;   Pebalk, D.A.;   Pevtsov, A.B.;   Sel'kin, A.V.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Stumpe, J.

Publication Titles

2003: Polarization splitting of optical resonant modes in a-Si:H/a-SiOx:H microcavities
2004: Influence of the Molecular Structure of Comb-Shaped Photochromic Copolymers on Photoinduced Birefringence
2005: Phase Behavior and Photooptical Properties of Liquid Crystalline Functionalized Copolymers with Low-Molecular-Mass Dopants Stabilized by Hydrogen Bonds
2006: Influence of nanoparticles of cadmium sulfide on phase behaviour of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers with cyanobiphenyl mesogenic groups

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