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McDonnell, D.G.

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McDonnel, D.G.;   McDonnell, Damien G.;   McDonnell, Damien Gerald;   McDonnell, Damien Gerard;   Mcdonnell, D.


Bannister, R.W.;   Blackmore, J.M.;   Blackwood, K.M.;   Bonnett, P.;   Bradshaw, M.J.;   Carr, N.;   Coates, D.;   Constant, J.;   Daley, R.;   Davies, N.A.;   Day, S.;   Day, S.E.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Goodby, John W.;   Graham, A.;   Gray, George W.;   Griffith, M.S.;   Hall, A.W.;   Harrison, K.;   Harrison, K.J.;   Hill, J.S.;   Hird, M.;   Hird, Michael;   Hughes, A.J.;   Hughes, J.R.;   Jandt, K.D.;   Jones, J.C.;   Jones, M.;   Jones, T.V.;   Kirton, J.;   Krüger, H.H.;   Lacey, D.;   McEwan, K.;   McEwan, K.J.;   McMaster, T.J.;   Miles, M.J.;   Pedlingham, H.A.;   Phillips, T.J.;   Raynes, E.P.;   Sage, I.C.;   Scattergood, D.C.;   Seed, Alexander J.;   Shanks, I.A.;   Smith, C.J.T.;   Smith, R.A.;   Theis, D.;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Worboys, M.R.

Publication Titles

1975: New low-melting cholesterogens for electrooptical displays and surface thermography
1976: Pleochroic dyes with high-order parameters for liquid-crystal displays
1976: Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of chiral alkylcyanobiphenyls (and -p-terphenyls) and of some related chiral compounds derived from biphenyl
1977: Dipole moments and the smectic C phase
1977: The relationship between helical twist sense, absolute configuration and molecular structure for non-sterol cholesteric liquid crystals
1978: Some cholesteric derivatives of S-(+)-4-(2'-methylbutyl)phenol
1979: Liquid crystal compounds incorporating the trans-1,4-substituted cyclohexane ring system
1979: Ph. D. Thesis Hull
1981: Physical properties of nematic materials containing different ring systems
1983: The 1-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)-2-(4"-cyanophenyl)ethanes - a new series of stable nematogens of positive dielectric anisotropy
1983: The Physical Properties of the Cyanophenylcyclohexyl Ethanes (PECH)
1984: The physical properties of fluorine derivatives of 4-cyanobiphenyls
1985: Multimode fixed legend liquid crystal and electroluminescent display
1985: The physical properties of fluorine derivatives of 4-cyanobiphenyls
1987: Thermochromic cholesteric liquid crystals
1987: Thermochromism in chiral mixtures exhibiting injected smectic phases
1988: Gray scale in laser-addressed smectic storage displays
1989: Dipole moments and dielectric properties of fluorine-substituted nematic liquid crystals
1989: Light on dark laser addressed smectic liquid crystal projection displays
1989: Shear-stress measurement in aerodynamic testing using cholesteric liquid crystals
1991: Comparison of electrooptic coefficients of amorphous and liquid crystalline nonlinear optical copolymers
1991: Molecular Polarisability Anisotropy and Four Wave Mixing in the Isotropic Phase of Liquid Crystals
1992: Measurement of .chi.(3) in novel liquid crystal materials
1993: On the influence of short range order upon the physical properties of triphenylene nematic discogens
1993: Synthesis, transition temperatures and optical anisotropy of some isothiocyanato-substituted biphenyls
1993: The synthesis and high optical birefringence of nematogens incorporating 2,6-disubstituted naphthalenes and terminal cyano-substituents
1994: A high-resolution ferroelectric liquid crystal display
1994: Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and scanning force microscopy (SFM) of liquid crystals and polymers
1994: Surface morphology of a liquid crystalline side-chain polymer investigated by scanning force microscopy
1994: The synthesis and properties of a series of novel side-chain liquid crystal polymers based on the Baylis-Hillman reaction
1996: Synthesis and evaluation of a series of novel 2-substituted poly(allyl alcohol) side chain liquid crystalline oligomers exhibiting ferroelectricity


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