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Mazenko, Gene F.

Alternative Writings

Mazenko, G.F.


Hill, Scott A.;   Qian, Hai;   Ramaswamy, Sriram;   Toner, John

Publication Titles

1982: Viscosities diverge as 1/.omega. in smectic-A liquid crystals
1983: Breakdown of conventional hydrodynamics for smectic-A, hexatic-B, and cholesteric liquid crystals
2003: Defect structures in the growth kinetics of the Swift-Hohenberg model
2003: Granular clustering in a hydrodynamic simulation
2003: Vortex dynamics in a coarsening two-dimensional XY model
2004: Model for striped growth
2004: Response functions in phase-ordering kinetics
2004: Vortex kinetics of conserved and nonconserved O(n) models
2004: Vortex velocity probability distributions in phase-ordering kinetics


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