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Mattice, Wayne L.

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Mattice, W.L.


Chen, Donghai;   Farmer, Barry L.;   Helfer, Carin A.;   Martin, Olga;   Mendicuti, Francisco;   Pugh, Coleen;   Saiz, Enrique;   Small, Aaron C.

Publication Titles

1995: Rationalization of the ratio of excimer-to-monomer fluorescence emission intensity in bichromophoric diesters of 1-pyrenoic acid and mono-, di-, tri-, and tetraethylene glycols
2001: Induction of smectic layering in nematic liquid crystals using immiscible components IV. The effect of bulky lateral carboxyl substituents on the thermotropic behaviour of 2,5-bis[4-(n-perfluoroheptyloctyloxy)benzoyloxy]toluene
2005: Conformations produced by interactions of the side chains in poly(silylenemethylene) with the repeating sequence [Si(CH3)RbondCH2]x [R = bondO(CH2)3OC6H4C6H5]

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