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Matsumoto, S.

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Matsumoto, Sadayuki;   Matsumoto, Seiichi;   Matsumoto, Setsuko;   Matsumoto, Shin;   Matsumoto, Shinichi;   Matsumoto, Shinji;   Matsumoto, Shinya;   Matsumoto, Shiro;   Matsumoto, Shoichi;   Matsumoto, Shoichiro


Aizawa, M.;   Fujisawa, T.;   Hatoh, H.;   Hatou, H.;   Hayashi, M.;   Hirai, H.;   Honda, H.;   Hori, H.;   Hosokai, T.;   Ide, K.;   Imamura, T.;   Ishikawa, M.;   Kamagami, S.;   Kaneko, N.;   Kasahara, K.;   Kato, Y.;   Kawamoto, M.;   Kera, S.;   Kinoshita, Y.;   Komatsubara, Y.;   Mizunoya, K.;   Murayama, A.;   Nakada, H.;   Nakagawa, D.;   Nakamizo, N.;   Oi, S.;   Okudaira, K.K.;   Saitoh, A.;   Shohara, K.;   Sugita, S.-i.;   Takahashi, K.;   Takeno, H.;   Tani, Y.;   Tomii, H.;   Tsuru, S.;   Ueno, N.;   Wada, M.;   Wada, Y.;   Yada, M.;   Yamada, Y.;   Yamamoto, F.;   Yanagisawa, T.

Publication Titles

1977: Effect of Dielectric Anisotropy on Matrix Display Characteristics of DS Type Liquid Crystals
1977: Influence of a magnetic field on the molecular arrangement of mesophase spherules
1977: Polynuclear Carboxylatochromium Complexes for Molecular Orientation of Liquid Crystals
1979: Molecular orientation of liquid crystals by organic metal complexes
1981: Effect of liquid crystal classes on the improvement of dynamic scattering by electron donor-acceptor dopants
1982: Material considerations in liquid crystal television display
1984: Anthraquinone-based dichroic dyes for achromatic black guest-host liquid crystal display
1985: Anthraquinone-based dichroic dyes for achromatic black guest-host liquid crystal display
1988: 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
1988: Electrooptical characteristics consideration for liquid crystal material and cell optimization in supertwisted birefringence effect liquid crystal display
1988: Material and cell parameters considerations in a highly multiplexing twisted nematic liquid crystal display
1988: Multiplexed ferroelectric liquid crystal display
1989: 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
1989: Large-area Projection HAN-mode Multicolor TFT-addressed LCD
1989: Matrix liquid-crystal display device technologies
1991: Electrooptical effects in new polymeric liquid crystals
1998: 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
2007: Substrate Dependent Molecular Orientation in Thin Films of Bisazomethine Dye Studied by Metastable Atom Electron Spectroscopy and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy


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