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Mather, Patrick T.

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Mather, P.T.;   Mather, Patrick


Burke, Kelly A.;   Campo, Cheryl J.;   Carr, Michael J.;   Chaffee, Kevin;   Chaffee, Kevin P.;   Chakulski, Brian J.;   Chang, Sukky;   Chen, Jianzhong;   Cheong, Ae-Gyeong;   Constable, Gregory S.;   Coughlin, E. Bryan;   Fang, Xiaomei;   Gopalan, Padma;   Gu, Dong-Feng;   Haddad, Timothy S.;   Han, Chang Dae;   Jamieson, Alexander M.;   Jeon, Hong G.;   Jiang, Tao;   Kim, Byoung-Suhk;   Kim, Seung Su;   Larson, Ronald G.;   Lee, Sukmin;   Lichtenhan, Joseph D.;   Martin, David C.;   McKenzie, Blayne M.;   Nagvekar, Devdatt S.;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Pearson, Dale S.;   Pragliola, Stefania;   Qin, Haihu;   Rey, Alejandro D.;   Romo-Uribe, Angel;   Rousseau, Ingrid A.;   Rowan, Stuart J.;   Schwab, Joseph J.;   Sivakova, Sona;   Spilman, Gary E.;   Tan, Loon-Seng;   Wu, Jian;   Xie, Xiang-Qun

Publication Titles

1992: A combined video microscope and controlled environment rheometer
1996: Phase behavior and rheology of blends containing polycarbonate and a thermotropic polyester
1996: Synthesis, processing and characterization of thermally crosslinkable thermotropic copolyesters
1997: Rheo-Optical Evidence of a Flow-Induced Isotropic-Nematic Transition in a Thermotropic Liquid - Crystalline Polymer
1997: The origin of stress-oscillation damping during start-up and reversal of torsional shearing of nematics
1997: Thermally crosslinkable thermotropic copolyesters: synthesis, characterization, and processing
1998: The next generation of silicon-based plastics: polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) nanocomposites
1999: Mesogen-jacketed liquid crystalline polymers via stable free radical polymerization
1999: New wholly-aromatic thermotropic polyesters with controlled flexibility
2001: Capillary instabilities in thin nematic liquid crystalline fibers
2001: Phase Behavior, Rheology, and Morphology of Binary Blends of Semiflexible Main-Chain Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
2002: Amphiphilic Telechelics Incorporating Polyhedral Oligosilsesquioxane: 1. Synthesis and Characterization
2002: Odd-Even Effect of Flexible Spacer Length on Flow-Induced Isotropic-to-Nematic Transition in Segmented Thermotropic Polymers
2002: Wholly aromatic thermotropic copolyesters with controlled flexibility
2003: Shape Memory Effect Exhibited by Smectic-C Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
2004: Synthesis and Characterization of Unsaturated Thermotropic Polyesters Prepared via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization
2005: Interfacial Tension of a Liquid Crystalline Polymer in an Isotropic Polymer Matrix
2005: Tailored Phase Transitions via Mixed-Mesogen Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Silicon-Based Spacers
2006: Effect of stoichiometry on liquid crystalline supramolecular polymers formed with complementary nucleobase pair interactions
2006: Liquid crystalline supramolecular polymers formed via complementary nucleobase pair interactions
2006: Liquid-crystalline supramolecular polymers formed through complementary nucleobase-pair interactions
2009: Combined One-Way and Two-Way Shape Memory in a Glass-Forming Nematic Network
2009: POSS Polymers: Physical Properties and Biomaterials Applications


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