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Markovitsi, Dimitra

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Markovitsi, D.


Andre, Jean-Jacques;   Argyrakis, Panos;   Bengs, Holger;   Bondkowski, Jens;   Briois, Valerie;   Even, Raymond;   Gallos, Lazaros;   Gallos, Lazaros K.;   Germain, Arnaud;   Goldmann, Daniela;   Ide, Jonathan P.;   Janietz, Dietmar;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Lecuyer, Isabelle;   Lecuyer, Pierre;   Lianos, Panagiotis;   Lécuyer, Isabelle;   Malthête, Jacques;   Marguet, Sylvie;   Mathis, André;   Millie, Philippe;   Mouallem, Mona;   Ohta, Kazuchita;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Rigaut, François;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schuhmacher, Peter;   Sigal, Herve;   Simon, Jacques;   Singer, Dirk;   Spegt, Pierre;   Tran-Thi, Thu-Hoa;   Uznanski, Pawel;   Weill, Gilbert;   Ziliox, Martine

Publication Titles

1984: Three-stage melting of an annelide-type copper complex. A new type of organized phase: Tegma crystals
1986: Influence of molecular organization on the photophysical properties of two alkylcyanobiphenyls
1987: Laser-induced intramolecular charge transfer in a lutetium bis-phthalocyanine thin film
1987: One-dimensional energy migration in crystalline and columnar liquid-crystalline phases of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa-n- hexyloxytriphenylene
1988: Laser induced triplet excitons in the columnar phases of an octasubstituted metal free phthalocyanine
1988: Laser-induced triplet excitons in the columnar phases of an octasubstituted zinc phthalocyanine
1989: Optical properties of thin films of molecular semiconductors
1990: Exchange perturbation in phthalocyanine columnar liquid-crystalline phases
1991: One-dimensional singlet energy migration in the columnar liquid crystal of a triphenylene derivative
1991: One-dimensional triplet energy migration in columnar liquid crystals of octasubstituted phthalocyanines
1992: Charge-transfer absorption in doped columnar liquid crystals
1995: Triphenylene Columnar Liquid Crystals: Excited States and Energy Transfer
1996: Singlet Excitation Transfer in Columnar Liquid Crystals Studied by Monte Carlo Simulations
1997: Photophysical properties of discotic dibenzopyrenes
1997: Spectroscopic properties of nematic discotic phenylethynylbenzene derivatives: symmetry effects
1998: Influence of Disorder on Electronic Excited States: An Experimental and Numerical Study of Alkylthiotriphenylene Columnar Phases
1999: Electronic coupling responsible for energy transfer in columnar liquid crystals
2001: Triplet Excitation Transfer in Triphenylene Columnar Phases


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