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Marchon, J.-C.

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Marchon, J.C.;   Marchon, Jean-Claude


Abied, H.;   Cuquiernik, F.;   Dexpert, H.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.-M.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.M.;   Guillon, D.;   Ibn-Elhaj, M.;   Lattermann, Günter;   Maldevi, P.;   Maldivi, P.;   Schmidt, S.;   Skoulios, A.;   Strommen, D.P.

Publication Titles

1989: Copper K edge EXAFS spectroscopy of the crystalline and columnar phases of copper(II) carboxylates
1990: Columnar liquid crystals derived from long-chain carboxylates of transition metal ions
1992: Metallomesogens with Tri- and Tetraazacycloalkane Ligands
1992: The structures of the crystalline phase and columnar mesophase of rhodium(II) heptanoate and of its binary mixture with copper(II) heptanoate probed by EXAFS

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