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Mao, C.C.

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Mao, Chong-Chang


Arnett, K.;   Doroski, D.;   Handschy, M.A.;   Jared, D.;   Johnson, K.M.;   Landreth, B.;   Modde, G.;   Moddel, G.;   Turner, R.

Publication Titles

1990: High-speed, low-power optical phase conjugation using a hybrid amorphous silicon/ferroelectric-liquid-crystal device
1991: Optical phase conjugation using optically addressed chiral smectic liquid crystal spatial light modulators
1991: Photovoltaic optically addressed spatial light modulator
1992: Applications of binary and analog hydrogenated amorphous silicon/ ferroelectric liquid - crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators
1992: Real-time edge enhancement with hybrid amorphous silicon/ferroelectric liquid crystal devices


Appl. Opt., 31, 3908
Ferroelectrics, 114, 45
Ferroelectrics, 122, 101
Opt. Commun., 87, 150
Opt. Lett., 15, 1114

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