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Maliszewskyj, Nicholas C.

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Maliszewskyj, N.C.


Beyer, Dierk;   Blasie, J. Kent;   Chang, Young H.;   Choi, Kyung H.;   Clerc, Marianne;   Davidson, Patrick;   Fischer, Hartmut;   Ford, Warren T.;   Ghosh, Surya S.;   Heiney, Paul A.;   Henderson, Philippe;   Hynes, John.;   Idziak, Stefan H.J.;   Jonas, Ulrich;   Josefowicz, Jack Y.;   Karthaus, Olaf;   McCauley, John P.;   Mertesdorf, Carlo;   Mindyuk, Oksana Y.;   Plesnivy, Thomas;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schuhmacher, Peter;   Seitz, Markus;   Smith, Amos B.;   Sprengeler, Paul A.;   Sumner, Lloyd;   Um, Pil Je;   Vaughan, Gavin B.M.;   Zhao, Mingyang;   Zhu, Weiming

Publication Titles

1991: Structure and mesophases of hexacyclen derivatives
1992: Hexagonal order in some mesophases of hexacyclen derivatives
1992: Self-organization of discogenic molecules at the air-water interface
1993: Structure of Langmuir-Blodgett films of disk-shaped molecules determined by atomic force microscopy
1994: Liquid crystalline hexa-amides and side chain polysiloxanes of azacrown [18]-N6
1994: Liquid crystalline octa-(2-ethylhexyloxy) platinum and lead phthalocyanines
1994: Unexpected square symmetry seen by atomic force microscopy in bilayer films of disk-like molecules
1995: Diffuse x-ray scattering from freely suspended strands of a discotic liquid crystal
1995: Formation of a hexagonal columnar mesophase by N-acylated poly(ethylenimine)
1995: Structure of Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Star-Shaped Oligomeric Discogens
1995: Using atomic force microscopy to image Langmuir Blodgett films of disk shaped molecules
1997: Complex Ordering in Thin Films of Di- and Trifunctionalized Hexaalkoxytriphenylene Derivatives
1999: Structural phase transition in ultrathin films of disk-shaped molecules


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