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Mainusch, K.-J.

Alternative Writings

Mainusch, K.J.

Similar Names

Mainusch, Klaus-J.


Müller, U.;   Pollmann, P.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Steigner, L.

Publication Titles

1970: Optical rotatory power of liquid crystal mixtures
1971: Optical properties of liquid-crystalline mixed systems. III. Induction of optical activity and circular dichroism in nematic phases by chiral molecules
1971: Optical rotatory power of liquid crystal mixtures. II. Mixtures of a nematogenic and a nonmesomorphic chiralic compound
1972: Absorption and fluorescence measurements in compensated cholesteric mesophases. I. Orientation of chromophores in liquid crystal solvents
1972: Induction of optical activity in a nematic mesophase by l-menthol. Optical properties of liquid crystal mixtures
1972: Induction of the Cotton effect on achiral molecules under the effect of a cholesteric solution phase
1973: Absorption and fluorescence studies of compensable cholesteric mesophases. II. Electronic transitions of different polarization direction
1973: Circular polarization of the fluorescence of achiralic molecules in cholesteric mesophases
1973: Orientierung von Chromophoren in kristallin-flüssige Lösungsmitteln durch Einfluß von Lecithin
1976: Circularly polarized fluorescence of achiral molecules in cholesteric liquid crystals


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