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Maeda, Yoshiko

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Maeda, Y.


Hachisu, Sei;   Iwayanagi, Shigeo;   Kawamura, Yasuaki;   Maeda, Hideatsu;   Okano, Koji

Publication Titles

1973: Anomalous ultrasonic absorption and dispersion on of nematic liquid crystals near the clearing point
1983: Structure of the Schiller layers in .beta.-iron oxyhydroxide sols: observation by scanning electron microscope
1996: Atomic Force Microscopy Studies for Investigating the Smectic Structures of Colloidal Crystals of .beta.-FeOOH
2002: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Surface Structures of Colloidal -FeOOH Particles Forming Smectic Layers
2003: Liquid Crystal Formation in Suspensions of Hard Rodlike Colloidal Particles: Direct Observation of Particle Arrangement and Self-Ordering Behavior
2004: Measurement of density distributions for colloidal beta-FeOOH rods in suspensions exhibiting phase separation: The role of long-range forces in smectic ordering
2007: Direct Observation of Brownian Dynamics of Hard Colloidal Nanorods


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J. Chem. Phys., 121, 12655
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Nano Lett., 2, 1073
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