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MacDonald, W.A.

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MacDonald, William A.;   MacDonald, William Alasdair


Blundell, D.J.;   Brydon, D.L.;   Bunn, A.;   Carter, N.;   Chanley, Charles;   Chivers, R.A.;   Curson, A.D.;   Dodd, Sonia R.;   Donald, A.M.;   Emans, J.E.;   Eveson, R.;   Fisher, I.S.;   Gleskova, Helena;   Griffin, B.P.;   Innocenzo, Jeffrey;   James, S.G.;   Long, Ke;   Love, J.C.;   Mallagh, L.;   McLenaghan, A.D.W.;   Miles, I.S.;   O'Regan, Marie B.;   Pitman, D.;   Rance, D.G.;   Richards, R.W.;   Roush, Jared;   Ryan, T.G.;   Sarma, Kalluri R.;   Schmidt, John;   Smith, D.M.;   Spontak, R.J.;   Srdanov, Gordana;   Stevenson, Matthew;   Sturm, James C.;   Wagner, Sigurd;   Wessel, Ralf;   Windle, A.H.;   Yu, Gang

Publication Titles

1987: Blends of a liquid crystalline copolyester with polyethersulfone
1988: The relationship of chain linearity of aromatic liquid-crystal polyesters to molecular orientation and stiffness of moldings
1989: Aromatic and heteroaromatic polyesters: 1. The 1,3,4-oxadiazole unit as an angular spacer in polyesters based on phenylene and naphthylene groups
1989: The effect of chain-kinks on the phases and structure of a series of thermotropic liquid crystal polyesters prepared by a novel nonaqueous dispersion route
1991: Main chain thermotropic liquid crystal polymers
1991: Microstructure of a thermotropic random copolymer of hydroxybenzoic acid, isophthalic acid and hydroquinone (HBA-IA-HQ)
1992: A novel high-temperature non-aqueous dispersion polymerization route to fully aromatic main-chain liquid-crystal polymers
1992: Configuration of a thermotropic polyester from small-angle neutron scattering
1992: Correlation between the morphology and permeability of liquid -crystalline polymer/poly(ether sulfone) blends
1993: Measurement of the interfacial tension between polyether-polysulfone and a thermotropic liquid - crystalline copolyester
1999: High temperature non-aqueous dispersion polymerization of aromatic main chain liquid crystal polymers using organo-clay stabilization
2003: Active-matrix OLED using 150C a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate


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Macromolecules, 25, 826
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