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Lydon, J.E.

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Lydon, John E.


Attwood, T.K.;   Barnard, J.A.W.;   Batchelder, D.N.;   Bunning, J.D.;   Cheng, Y.L.;   Coakley, C.J.;   Eaborn, C.;   Evans, S.D.;   Forge, A.;   Gleeson, H.F.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Gray, George W.;   Hall, C.;   Henderson, J.R.;   Hill, N.A.;   Jackson, P.M.;   Jones, F.;   Kessler, J.O.;   Miller, R.J.;   Miroshnychenko, Dmitri;   Mottram, N.J.;   Mundy, K.;   Ogier, S.D.;   Sleep, J.C.;   Tiddy, Gordon J.T.

Publication Titles

1973: Structure and thermal conductivity of supercooled MBBA
1974: A Crystallographic Examination of 14 Straight Chain Alkyl Esters of Cholesterol
1974: New type of smectic mesophase?
1975: Phase transitions observed on warming fast-quenched MBBA [n-p-methoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline]
1975: Structural study of the smectic mesophases of two biphenyl compounds and an x-ray investigation of the miscibility criterion
1977: A study of the structure of the C phase in the sodium octanoate/decanol/water system using electron microscopy
1977: A temperature-scanning x-ray diffraction camera
1978: A SA-SCH transition - the problems of phase assignment
1980: The classification of mesophase of diisobutylsilanediol
1981: A hypothesis for the molecular organization in the SD and S4 phases
1982: Classification of the mesophase of diisobutylsilanediol
1984: Lyotropic mesophase formation by anti-asthmatic drugs
1986: A new model for the molecular arrangements in chromonic mesophases
1986: The chromonic phases of dyes
1990: The distinction between chromonic and amphiphilic lyotropic mesophases
1995: The intercalation of ethidium bromide in the chromonic lyotropic phases of drugs and nucleic acids
1999: Optical Kossel line study of an aligned monodomain sample of a cholesteric phase: Temperature evolution of the Kossel diagram
2000: Imaging of micropatterned self-assembled monolayers with adsorbed liquid crystals
2003: The DNA double helix - the untold story
2005: Evolution from A 2 Defect to 1/2 Defects in a Cylindrical Geometry


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