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Lu, Jianming

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Lu, J.


Ding, Jian-Dong;   Yang, Yu-Liang;   Yu, Tongyin;   Zhang, Hong-Dong;   Zhu, Jun-Xiang

Publication Titles

1993: Molecular field theory and Monte-Carlo simulation of phase transition in surface-aligned nematic films
1994: Phase equilibria in mixtures of thermotropic small molecular liquid crystals and flexible polymers
1995: Restructuring of polymer-dispersed nematic droplets in external electric field
1996: Director configurations of nematic liquid crystalline droplets and corresponding configuration transitions
1998: Monte Carlo simulation of the interface between flexible polymers and low molecular liquid crystals


Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Part 1, 34, 1928
Polym. J. (Tokyo), 26, 880
Polymer, 39, 6455
Sci. China, Ser. A, 36, 624
Sci. China, Ser. B: Chem., 39, 203

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