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Luo, Jingdong

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Luo, J.


Cheng, Yen-Ju;   Cheuk, Kevin K.;   Cheuk, Kevin K.L.;   Cheuk, Kevin Ka Leung;   Dong, Yu-Ping;   Huang, Su;   Jang, Sei-Hum;   Jen, Alex K.-Y.;   Kim, Tae-Dong;   Knorr, Daniel B.;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lam, Jacky W.;   Lam, Jacky W.Y.;   Lam, Jacky Wing Yip;   Mo, Zhi-Shen;   Overney, René M.;   Polishak, Brent M.;   Shi, Zhengwei;   Tang, Ben Z.;   Tang, Ben-Zhong;   Tian, Yan-Qing;   Xie, Zhi-Liang;   Younkin, Todd R.;   Zhou, Xing-Hua

Publication Titles

2001: Liquid crystalline light-emitting thermally stable readily processable substituted polyacetylenes
2002: Functional Polyacetylenes: Synthesis, Thermal Stability, Liquid Crystallinity, and Light Emission of Polypropiolates
2002: Liquid Crystalline and Light Emitting Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Biphenyl-Containing Poly(1-alkynes) with Different Functional Bridges and Spacer Lengths
2002: Synthesis and photoluminescence of liquid crystalline poly(1-alkynes)
2009: Controlled Diels-Alder Reactions Used To Incorporate Highly Efficient Polyenic Chromophores into Maleimide-Containing Side-Chain Polymers for Electro-Optics


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Thin Solid Films, 417, 143

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