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Lukishova, S.G.

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Lukishova, Svetlana G.


Belyaev, S.V.;   Bissell, L.j.;   Boyd, R.W.;   Freivald, P.;   Knox, R.;   Lebedev, K.S.;   Magulariya, E.A.;   Malimonenko, N.V.;   Marshall, K.L.;   Schmid, A.V.;   Schmid, A.W.;   Stroud, C.R.

Publication Titles

1995: Nonlinear selective reflection of a YAG:Nd laser radiation from a cholesteric liquid crystal mirror
1996: Behaviour of nonlinear liquid-crystal mirrors, made of a nonabsorbing cholesteric, in the cavity of an Nd:YAG laser operating in the cw regime and at a high pulse repetition frequency
1996: Experimental observation of Nd:YAG laser field-induced nonlinear frustration of selective Bragg reflection in the cholesteric liquid crystal
1996: Light-induced nonlinear bleaching of the CLC film under the conditions of selective reflection
1997: Nonlinear bleaching in the selective reflection of nonabsorbing chiral-nematic liquid-crystal thin films
2007: Room temperature source of single photons of definite polarization


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