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Lubensky, T.C.

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Lubensky, Tom C.


Aharony, Amnon;   Alsayed, A.M.;   Aranda-Espinoza, H.;   Aronovitz, Joseph A.;   Barois, P.;   Bluestein, Igor;   Cai, W.;   Cai, Weicheng;   Chen, C.-M.;   Chen, D.T.;   Chen, Jing-Huei;   Collings, P.J.;   Currier, Nathan;   Dalhaimer, P.;   Day, A.R.;   Discher, D.E.;   Dogic, Z.;   Dunn, S.G.;   Emery, V.J.;   Fradkin, E.;   Gollub, J.P.;   Golubovic, Leonardo;   Goulian, M.;   Grinstein, G.;   Halperin, B.I.;   Harris, A.B.;   Hatwalne, Yoshodhan;   Hossain, Khurshid A.;   Hough, L.A.;   Imry, Yoseph;   Isaacson, Joel;   Islam, M.F.;   Issaenko, S.A.;   Janmey, P.A.;   Jester, K.A.;   Kamien, Randall D.;   Kao, M.H.;   Kivelson, S.A.;   Kundagrami, Arindam;   Lacoste, D.;   Lau, A.W.;   Lau, A.W.C.;   Lin, K.H.;   Lin, Keng-Hui;   Lowe, Mary;   Ma, Shang-keng;   MacKintosh, F.C.;   Mach, P.;   McKane, A.J.;   Megens, M.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Morse, David C.;   Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan;   Nobili, M.;   O'Hern, C.S.;   Park, J.;   Park, Jeong-Man;   Park, Youngah;   Pelcovits, Robert A.;   Pettey, D.;   Pettey, David;   Poulin, P.;   Poulin, Philippe;   Priest, R.G.;   Priest, Richard G.;   Prost, J.;   Radzihovsky, Leo;   Ramaswamy, S.;   Ramaswamy, Sriram;   Ramos, Laurence;   Renn, S.R.;   Rodriguez, Juan;   Stark, H.;   Stark, Holger;   Stenull, O.;   Stenull, Olaf;   Swift, J.;   Terentjev, E.M.;   Tokihiro, Tetsuji;   Toner, J.;   Toner, John;   Tsai, J.-C.;   Wang, Jiang;   Warner, M.;   Weitz, D.;   Weitz, D.A.;   Wiltzius, P.;   Xing, Xiangjun;   Yan, Gu;   Ye, Fangfu;   Yodh, A.G.;   Zapotocky, Martin;   Zhang, J.;   de Moura, Marco A.

Publication Titles

1970: Calculation of the elastic constant K11 for a nematic liquid crystal
1970: Molecular description of nematic liquid crystals
1972: Low-temperature phase of infinite cholesterics
1973: Spin model for cholesteric liquid crystals
1974: Biaxial model of cholesteric liquid crystals
1974: Critical exponents for a symmetric traceless tensor field theory model
1974: First-Order Phase Transitions in Superconductors and Smectic-A Liquid Crystals
1975: Latent heat of the cholesteric to smectic a transition
1976: Coupling to anisotropic elastic media: Magnetic and liquid-crystal phase transitions
1976: Landau-Ginzburg mean-field theory for the nematic to smectic-C and nematic to smectic-A phase transitions
1976: Mean-field theory of the nematic-smectic-A phase change in liquid crystals
1978: Anisotropic critical properties of the de Gennes model for the nematic to smectic-A phase transition
1979: Dynamics near the nematic-smectic-A and nematic-smectic-C phase transitions in liquid crystals
1981: Gauge transformations and the nematic to smectic-A transition
1981: Gauge-dependent critical properties of the nematic to smectic-A phase transition in the 1/N expansion
1982: Correlations at the nematic to smectic-A critical point when .nu..dblvert. =
1982: Gage transformations and anharmonic effects in smectic liquid crystals
1982: Gauge Transformations and the Nematic to Smectic-A Transition.
1983: Commensurate and incommensurate structures in a nonequilibrium system
1983: Dislocations and the nematic-to-smectic-A transition for arbitrary values of K1
1983: The nematic to smectic-A transition: a theoretical overview
1984: Correlations and x-ray scattering in polar smectic-A1 phases
1984: Fields below their lower critical dimension: Application to liquid crystals
1984: Gage-invariant de Gennes model
1984: N-SA1-SA2-SAd phase diagram: existence of a critical point SA2-SAd
1984: Theory of the SA1-SA2 phase transition in liquid crystals
1985: New critical points in frustrated smectics
1986: Defect-mediated melting and new phases in three-dimensional systems with a single soft direction
1987: Mean field theory for the biaxial nematic phase and the NN'AC critical point
1988: Abrikosov dislocation lattice in a model of the cholesteric–to–smectic-A transition
1988: Fluctuations of Solid Membranes
1988: New critical point in smectic liquid crystals
1988: Static and dynamic properties of incommensurate smectic-AIC liquid crystals
1989: A new mean field smectic A-smectic A' critical point in a symmetry breaking field
1989: Smectic elastic constants of lamellar fluid membrane phases: Crumpling effects
1990: Crumpling and second sound in lyotropic lamellar phases
1990: Twist-grain-boundary phases near the nematic–smectic-A–smectic-C point in liquid crystals
1991: Entropic elasticity of lamellar tethered membrane phases
1991: Existence of a Sm-C Grain Boundary Phase at the Chiral MAC Point
1991: Orientational order, topology, and vesicle shapes
1991: Polymers dissolved in a chiral nematic liquid crystal: Model for twist-grain-boundary phases
1992: n-Atic Order and Continuous Shape Changes of Deformable Surfaces of Genus Zero
1993: Dynamics of lyotropic lamellar phases
1993: Theory of "Ripple" phases of lipid bilayers
1993: Twisted line liquids
1993: Two-dimensional crystalline order and defects in a stack of membranes
1994: Covariant Hydrodynamics of Fluid Membranes
1994: Layer-network coupling in smectic elastomers
1994: Non-linear effects of membrane fluctuations in the dilute lamellar phase
1995: Covariant elasticity and dislocations in smectic-C liquid crystals
1995: Fluctuations and long-range order in smectic elastomers
1995: Phase transitions and modulated phases in lipid bilayers
1996: Chiral fluctuations and structures
1996: Disclination asymmetry in deformable hexatic membranes and the Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions
1996: Sine-Gordon field theory for the Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions on fluctuating membranes
1996: Theory of a critical point in the blue-phase-III-isotropic phase diagram
1997: Chiral discotic columnar phases in liquid crystals
1997: Chiral lyotropic liquid crystals: TGB phases and helicoidal structures
1997: Light diffusion and diffusing-wave spectroscopy in nematic liquid crystals
1997: Microscopic Origin of Cholesteric Pitch [Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 1476 (1997)]
1997: Microscopic origin of cholesteric pitch
1997: Novel Colloidal Interactions in Anisotropic Fluids
1997: Soft condensed matter physics
1997: Topological Defects, Interactions and Chaining in Nematic Emulsions
1998: Chirality in liquid crystals . From microscopic origins to macroscopic structure
1998: Nonlinear elasticity of the sliding columnar phase
1998: Sliding Columnar Phase of DNA-Lipid Complexes
1998: Topological defects and interactions in nematic emulsions
1998: Topological inclusions in 2D smectic C films
1999: Minimal Surfaces, Screw Dislocations, and Twist Grain Boundaries
1999: Molecular chirality and chiral parameters
1999: Particle-Stabilized Defect Gel in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
1999: Quantum theory of chiral interactions in cholesteric liquid crystals
1999: Sliding Phases in XY Models, Crystals, and Cationic Lipid-DNA Complexes
1999: The sliding columnar phase: a new phase of matter in DNA-lipid complexes
2000: Quantum Theory of the Smectic Metal State in Stripe Phases
2000: Quantum Theory of the Smectic Metal State in Stripe Phases
2001: Dislocation geometry in the TGBA phase: Linear theory
2001: Liquid crystal physics at the millennium
2002: Effective index of refraction, optical rotation, and circular dichroism in isotropic chiral liquid crystals
2002: Electro-optic response and switchable Bragg diffraction for liquid crystals in colloid-templated materials
2002: Phase transitions in lyotropic nematic gels
2002: Rheology of defect networks in cholesteric liquid crystals
2002: Symmetries and elasticity of nematic gels
2002: Theory of bent-core liquid-crystal phases and phase transitions
2003: Field-induced structures in miscible ferrofluid suspensions with and without latex spheres
2003: Fluctuating nematic elastomer membranes
2003: Poisson-bracket approach to the dynamics of nematic liquid crystals
2003: Structure of twist-grain-boundary-C phases
2004: Anomalous elasticity of nematic and critically soft elastomers
2004: Commentary on "Mechanical properties of monodomain side chain nematic elastomers" by P. Martinoty et al.
2004: Dynamics of nematic elastomers
2004: Elongation and Fluctuations of Semiflexible Polymers in a Nematic Solvent
2004: Nematic Nanotube Gels
2005: A Chiral Granular Gas
2005: Cracks and Topological Defects in Lyotropic Nematic Gels
2005: Phase Transitions and Soft Elasticity of Smectic Elastomers
2007: Fluctuations and Rheology in Active Bacterial Suspensions
2007: Semisoft Nematic Elastomers and Nematics in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
2009: Phase Diagrams of Semisoft Nematic Elastomers


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