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Lovinger, Andrew J.

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Lovinger, A.J.;   Lovinger, Andrew


Amundson, Karl R.;   Bao, Zhenan;   Belfiore, Laurence A.;   Belobrzeckaja, L.;   Bowmer, Trevor N.;   Caronna, T.;   Castellano, Ronald K.;   Catellani, M.;   Chen, X. Linda;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Davis, D.D.;   Davis, Don D.;   Dodabalapur, Ananth;   Eichhorn, S. Holger;   Hudson, Steven D.;   Jakubiak, Rachel;   Jin, Shi;   Katz, Howard E.;   Katz, Thomas J.;   Laquindanum, Joyce G.;   Li, Wenjie;   Liu, Chester;   Lotz, Bernard;   Manzione, Louis T.;   Meier, Martin;   Meille, S.V.;   Nuckolls, Colin;   Rastogi, Sanjay;   Rebek, Julius;   Romita, V.;   Rothberg, Lewis J.;   Venkataraman, Sundar K.;   Weng, Xin;   Wood, Malcolm R.;   Zhou, Wensheng

Publication Titles

1985: Crystallographic changes in cryogenically pulverized polymers
1993: Transmission electron microscopic investigation of the morphology of a poly(hydroxybenzoate-co-hydroxynaphthoate) liquid crystal polymer
1994: Morphological Investigation of UV-Curable Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal (PDLC) Materials
1994: Processing/morphology correlations in poly(benzoate-co-naphthoate) liquid crystalline polymers
1995: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: Compositional dependence of structure and morphology
1996: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: compositional dependence of structure and morphology
1997: Influence of molecular weight and regioregularity on the polymorphic behavior of poly(3-decylthiophenes)
1998: Cylindrulitic morphologies in dispersions of polymers and liquid crystals
1998: Poly(phenylenevinylene)s with Dendritic Side Chains: Synthesis, Self-Ordering, and Liquid Crystalline Properties
1998: Structure and Morphology of Helicene Fibers
1999: Field-Effect Transistors Based on Thiophene Hexamer Analogues with Diminished Electron Donor Strength
1999: Hierarchy of order in liquid crystalline polycaps
1999: Polarized luminescence from liquid-crystalline poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives
2003: Chain Orientation and Defects in Lamellar Single Crystals of Syndiotactic Polypropylene Fractions
2003: Phase behavior of .alpha.,.omega.-dihexyl-.alpha.-quaterthiophene and ordering on a textured substrate


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