Index Name

Lösche, Arthur

Alternative Writings

Loesche, Arthur;   Losche, Arthur;   Lösche, A.

Similar Names

Lösche, Artur


Grande, Siegbert;   Heinze, Ekkehard;   Hillner, Bernd;   Limmer, Stefan;   Schmiedel, Herbert

Publication Titles

1974: Structure of NMR signals in nematic phases
1976: Nonexponential nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in the isotropic phase of thermotropic liquid crystals
1978: Study of the proton-spin-lattice relaxation in the smectic-C and nematic phases of long chain PAA homologs
1980: Ordering and intramolecular mobility in the nematic phase of PAA investigated by means of NMR lineshape analysis and computer simulations of the lineshape

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