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Lodge, Timothy P.

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Lodge, T.P.


Alahapperuma, Vindya;   Almdal, Kristoffer;   Bates, Frank S.;   Burghardt, Wesley R.;   Caputo, Franklin E.;   Chapman, Bryan;   Chastek, Thomas Q.;   Dormidontova, Elena E.;   Hahn, Stephen F.;   Hanley, Kenneth J.;   Harada, Tamotsu;   Hermel, Theresa J.;   Huang, Ching-I;   Krishnan, Kasiraman;   Laicer, Castro S.T.;   Pudil, Bryant;   Ryu, Chang-Yeol;   Taton, T. Andrew;   Vigild, Martin E.;   Wang, Xiaohui;   Washburn, Newell R.;   Wu, Lifeng

Publication Titles

1998: Fluctuations with Cubic Symmetry in a Hexagonal Copolymer Microstructure
1998: Self-Consistent Calculations of Block Copolymer Solution Phase Behavior
2000: Phase behavior of a block copolymer in solvents of varying selectivity
2000: Ternary Polymer Blends as Model Surfactant Systems
2000: Ternary polymer blends as model surfactant systems
2001: Shear-Induced Nano-Macro Structural Transition in a Polymeric Bicontinuous Microemulsion
2001: The Order-Disorder Transition and the Disordered Micelle Regime in Sphere-Forming Block Copolymer Melts
2002: Effects of shear flow on a polymeric bicontinuous microemulsion: Equilibrium and steady state behavior
2002: Shear-Induced Lamellae Alignment in Matched Triblock and Pentablock Copolymers
2002: The Full Phase Behavior for Block Copolymers in Solvents of Varying Selectivity
2002: The Order-Disorder Transition and the Disordered Micelle Regime for Poly(ethylenepropylene-b-dimethylsiloxane) Spheres
2002: Time-resolved small-angle x-ray scattering measurements of a polymer bicontinuous microemulsion structure factor under shear
2002: Transient Rheology of a Polymeric Bicontinuous Microemulsion
2003: Phase Behavior of Block Copolymers in a Neutral Solvent
2003: Transverse Orientation of Lamellae and Cylinders by Solution Extrusion of a Pentablock Copolymer
2005: Gold Nanorods Seed Coaxial, Cylinder-Phase Domains from Block Copolymer Solutions
2009: Editorial


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