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Li, Y.

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Li, J.;   Li, Yajuan;   Li, Yajun;   Li, Yan;   Li, Yanan;   Li, Yang;   Li, Yanguang;   Li, Yannian;   Li, Yanrong;   Li, Yao;   Li, Yaobang;   Li, Yaohua;   Li, Yaotang;   Li, Yaowen;   Li, Yeping;   Li, Yican;   Li, Yigui;   Li, Yile;   Li, Yinfeng;   Li, Ying;   Li, Yingbo;   Li, Yingjun;   Li, Yiqiang;   Li, Yishen;   Li, Yong;   Li, Yongde;   Li, Yongfang;   Li, Yonggang;   Li, Yongming;   Li, Yongsheng;   Li, Yongzheng;   Li, Youbing;   Li, Yougen;   Li, Youli;   Li, Youquan;   Li, Youyong;   Li, Youzhi;   Li, Yu;   Li, Yuan;   Li, Yubo;   Li, Yuching;   Li, Yue;   Li, Yuezhen;   Li, Yulin;   Li, Yunchen;   Li, Yuning;   Li, Yunsheng;   Li, Yuping;   Li, Yuren;   Li, Yusong;   Li, Yutong;   Li, Yuxiang;   Li, Yuzheng;   Li, Yuzhong;   Lim, Y.;   Lin, Y.;   Liu, Y.


Bai, F.;   Beck, R.;   Bringezu, F.;   Cheng, S.Z.D.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Davidson, P.;   Deek, J.;   Ding, C.;   Du, J.;   Fang, T.R.;   Gu, Z.;   Guo, H.;   Hesse, H.C.;   Huang, R.;   Idziak, S.H.J.;   Israelachvili, J.N.;   Jin, H.;   Jones, J.B.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, M.W.;   Koltover, I.;   Lee, C.-K.;   MacDonald, N.C.;   Miller, H.P.;   Mo, Z.-S.;   Petschek, Rolfe;   Pfohl, T.;   Ruths, M.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Shen, Z.;   Steinberg, S.;   Wan, J.;   Wang, S.-E.;   Wen, Z.;   Wilson, L.;   Wong, G.C.L.;   Yan, S.;   Yasa, M.;   Zhang, H.-F.

Publication Titles

1995: Liquid crystalline polysurfactant
1996: Alignment of complex fluids under confinement and flow
1996: Study on structure and performance of graphite fiber from mesophase pitch
1999: Spontaneous formation of double-twisted helix in a banana-shaped liquid crystal and isoregic chiral smectic C polyester
2000: The formation of cadmium sulfide nanowires in different liquid crystal systems
2001: Controlled Modification of Microstructured Silicon Surfaces for Confinement of Biological Macromolecules and Liquid Crystals
2008: Direct Imaging of Aligned Neurofilament Networks Assembled Using In Situ Dialysis in Microchannels


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